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  1. Leave it to Joel to call Mariano an ass. How do you not like the guy? Explain? I predict he pitches like a motherfcuker next season. Your O's better be scared.

  2. Here we go Giants, here we go. Here we go Giants, here we go. I feel justified in chanting that, since the Giants have been my favorite NL team since childhood. I'm looking for the Giants to come out smoking in the top of the first in game 3.

  3. First of all, congrats to the Tigers. During the season, statistically the Yankees were by far the better team (check the team statistics on Yahoo sports), but the Tigers are playing well and the Yankees stunk up the joint.

    With the exception of maybe A-Rod, I don't see how anybody can say they dislike or hate any member of the Yankees. Going back to the mid-90's, O'Neil, Martinez, Bernie WIlliams, Mariano, Jeter and the current group are all likable guys. On the other hand Reggie, Nettles and even Munson had abrasive personalities.

    Going back to the 60's, the Giants are my favorite NL team. I hope they can beat the Cards, If not, I'll be rooting for the Tigers.

  4. I am waiting for a Yankees fan to blame their eventual undoing on losing Jeter. What a joke. He is more of a liability on offense now than anything. Lets face it, and Jeter is the only Yankee I like as a person, he is old and close to retirement. But he is a legend there and they will let him stay as long as he wants. Which could hurt the team.

    Here is the proof that you know squat about baseball, the Yankees or Jeter.

  5. Since you mentioned March 2013, I have never looked forward more to this camp. Potential starting rotation for the Baltimore Orioles,





    Tillman or Chen

    In any event, we will be in the race. I will take our young lineup and put them against any team. Better days to come for the Orioles.

    yawn. :zzz:

  6. No kiddin'.... :rolleyes:

    Well then why didn't you say it smart aleck.

    The point is they were about the only two the Yankees could count on in the post season and they are both gone. Been a long time.....and the Yankees will suffer as a result.

    I don't agree. They were without Mariano almost the entire season and survived THAT and a host of other injuries.

  7. The problem with the Yankees is NOT losing Jeter or Mariano. The problem is Cano, A-Rod, Granderson and Swisher. What does it tell you when 40 year old Raul Ibanez is stealing the spotlight from those guys. The only reason they beat the O's is because the O's team batting average during the division series was WORSE than the Yankees. Since 2001 the Yankees post season performance has been dismal. Can't get any clutch hits, etc, etc, etc. They won the World Series in 2009 and guess what? A-Rod was hitting that post season.

  8. I appreciate your input, JT. Although I'm a little surprised such a big fan of Jethro Tull doesn't collect more live recordings.

    Have no fear...I have no intention of selling these babies. My interest in Jethro Tull did fall off after 1975, but I still love "Thick as a Brick" and their other early albums. Their concert in 1972 was one of the best I saw that year...only Led Zeppelin and the Stones topped them. Maybe the Yes and David Bowie shows, too. But Jethro Tull definitely surprised me with how good and entertaining they were in concert.

    Well, I said I own two "official" bootlegs, meaning I own them on LP. I own a fair amount of other shows(Tull and others) on cassette or CD that friends/acquaintances have recorded for me.

  9. Alas, I'm still waiting for some help...where's 'Jethro Tull' or some other Tull expert. I've done a search and found out some of the basics of the four bootlegs: they're from 1973 LA Forum, 1971 Anaheim Convention Center, and 1970 Long Beach and Anaheim. Mostly VG to Excellent sound quality according to one Jethro Tull database.

    But I haven't been able to find out anything about the performance quality. That's what I was hoping some Jethro Tull fan here could tell me.

    IMHO, I would say those are all worthy bootlegs, in the sense they've captured a classic era of Tull. Let's face it, they are bootlegs from the early 70's. The sound quality is what it is. I'm not a big collector of bootlegs. I own two "official" bootlegs. Tull from 1972 ( a show from April in Virginia) and Springsteen from 1976. I have some other bootleg material that various people have put on cassette for me. Sounds like you are not a Tull fan anymore. What do you want to do with the bootlegs? You could probably sell them pretty easily.

  10. Uh oh...they're throwing shit on the field at Atlanta. :bagoverhead:

    What do you expect from a group of fans who use the tomahawk chop as their rallying cry. I would be embarrassed to be around that. Three errors. They don't deserve to win.

  11. We all know at this stage of the game it's a crap shoot. Whichever team/player gets hot will drive the outcomes. Of course you can't discount defensive miscues. Nothing would surprise me about the Yankees, although they seem to be playing well as of late. My NL teams are the 1. Giants and 2. Nationals.

  12. Here we go Yankees, here we go. Here we go Yankees, here we go. If I had the energy, I would post a picture of my ticket stub from game six of the 1996 World Series. A 3-2 win over Atlanta to win the World Series.

    I know a ton of Oriole fans and they are all urinating in their pants. Now they have to fly down to Texas and in one game extinguish their overachieving season.

    If you think about it, they really didn't want to tie the Yankees for first. It would have just meant playing an extra game.

    Another thing to think about. Any team that wins so many 1 run games could have just as easily lost those games. That's the law of averages.

    GO YANKEES!!!!

  13. Not me, I'm too much of a people person. In fact, I usually buy 4-8 tickets for any event I want to attend and no matter who the artist, have no trouble finding friends to go with me. In turn, my friends call me often and say "hey you wanna to see ______". Work would be the only thing preventing me from saying "yes". I've seen loads of artists I never would have considering seeing. Of course there are the before and after concert rituals that we always follow, dinner, drinks, chit chat, etc.

  14. I know this is difficult, but I'll throw in my tuppence worth;

    John - Nobody loves you when you're down and out.

    Ringo - Photograph.

    George - Isn't it a pity (either version).

    Paul - Dear Friend.

    I'd be interested to hear your comments, I know it's as difficult as picking a Zep favourite, but interesting to hear other peoples favourite songs from their solo careers.

    Good topic, but this is almost impossible. Here are four of my favs....

    Paul - Mull of Kintyre

    Ringo - Back Off Boogaloo

    George - Dark Horse

    John - You Are Here from Mind Games.

  15. 70's would be Jethro Tull/Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band/The Dictators. (Hard not to include John Lennon, George Harrison, Leon Russell or Badfinger.)

    My interest in music waned quite a bit after 1979 or so and I never really recovered. I took somewhat of a hiatus from live shows during the 80's, except for some occasional hard-core punk shows on Sunday afternoons at CBGB's in NYC.

    I'll have trouble with the 80's, but R.E.M. would be one. What the hell, I'll include 1980's Jethro Tull.

  16. I've been listening to a lot XM satellite Studio 54 on channel 15. They play all disco music. Included are interviews with people who were part of the Studio 54 scene in NYC during the hey day of the bar. I quite like disco guitar playing, it's very repetitious, but I love that chicka-chicka sound.

  17. Incidentally, regarding all your condescending remarks about residents of the state of North Carolina. There are more hip/happening places in North Carolina than in Rochester, NY. That's a fact.

    As has been your mode of operation for three plus years, you NEVER fully address the countless criticisms against you. I'll repeat it again, you've been banned from here countless times. There is a reason for that.

  18. Joel has read your ridicuolous posts and has emailed me saying he has read it. My name is Rick. Go ask Sam if you do not believe me. You have already been told by those that are willing to put up with your ignorant ass. I am not one of them. Kiss my ass and do not talk to me again you dip shit.

    You go talk to Sam and kiss his ass like you've been doing for the last 3 years. You're like a 4th grader who has to tattle to the teacher.

  19. Put me down as one that agrees. Very well put. She is holier than thou.

    Look who all of a sudden is the expert on chat room behavior. Leave Electrophile alone. How dare you critique her, when all you do is talk trash to everybody(read your first post in this thread). You've been booted off of here a dozen time AND you are close alley of another person who has been booted off of here countless times. I stopped coming here because of people like you. Now you are still up to your BS and unfortunately the moderators allow you to misbehave.

    It's okay, I now frequent chat boards that TALK ABOUT MUSIC. When is the last time you posted a music related post?

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