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  1. It Bites. They Bit. This show was the evening the Berlin wall came down. Wolftrap was front row, center directly in front of Martin.
  2. My first Tull in 1972. 1976 was in Portland, Oregon.
  3. It rained on and off the entire day of the Shea Stadium show. Holy shit!! I was sittting right next to alwizard03. Beacon Theater was a killer show.
  4. I'm having some trouble scanning my Shea Stadium ticket. Go you YOUTUBE and search on Tull Tampa. You will find some great video from that show.
  5. Some late breaking news regading Ian. Ian has the clap
  6. You can check out this site for setlists. Ministry of Information This particular show you attended is a popular bootleg called Dark Ages. Here is the setlist you heard. 30/4/79 Tarrant County Convention Center Fort Worth, Tx. USA Dark Ages Intro, No Lullaby, Sweet Dream, One Brown Mouse, Heavy Horses, My God (incl. flute solo), One White Duck/Pibroch (inst.), Songs From The Wood, Dark Ages, Instrumental, Cross-Eyed Mary, Thick As A Brick, Quatrain/Aqualung, Locomotive Breath/Dambusters March/Aqualung (reprise)
  7. Don't tell me about respect. You're the one always swearing at people in your posts. Plus, your avatar appears to be directly towards everybody on this board. Plus, I've noticed you always have to get the last word in with the numerous fights you get into here. BTW, I cut and pasted an article about the death of a singer. I'm not on here constantly cutting and pasting articles that I can just as easily read on www.allmusic.com.
  8. You DO have your rules. Now you're applying hierarchical restrictions on how people can act here.
  9. Possibly doesn't count. Tickets must be in hand.
  10. Right, but you don't have to bust people's balls the second they don't follow it. This guy was looking for entry level Deep Purple music. The other topic was more of a general topic for existing fans. There is also one particular person who continually cuts and pastes articles(spam) very few of us care about. That is just as bad. And needing to know the next concert, last concert, currently listening, next listening of everybody is just a mere attempt to create topics that never stop and is the sign of an egomaniac.
  11. You're just a ball buster. Get a life. Or better yet, get a job as a policeman. Now go complain to the mods.
  12. Thanks for the Eddie link. That was interesting. Are you ready Eddie?
  13. The search feature blows. First of all the search criteria requires that the word be at least 4 bytes long. So searching for 'ELP' doesn't work. Secondly, the search results bring back entire topics, so the user is forced to page through the entire topic for their search results. And quite often multiple topics are returned. Sorry I don't have 5 hours to page through all the results.
  14. Are we that rigid and anal that we can't double up on some topics? It's not like we are at work and need to be hyper efficient. He had a specific question regarding entry level Deep Purple music. Give the guy a break.
  15. I own a 2 CD version of Machine Head. CD 1 are all the original songs remastered with a bonus track. CD 2 are remixes of all the songs with alternate lead guitar along with the bonus track. Also included is a cool little booklet. Great band. I saw them in 73ish at the Felt Forum in NYC with Rory Gallagher opening.
  16. I also used to work with a former Marine. He was a dick who had all sorts of effed up notions about how things should work. Now I am always suspicious when finding out a co-worker has a military background.
  17. The company I work for is located on a campus like setting. There are plenty of geese on the premises. As I was leaving today, about three geese were attempting to cross the road and appeared nervous. I came to a complete stop and let them go. Hurray for me!!
  18. Remember in the mid-70s on Saturday night, you KNEW you would be watching Saturday Night Live at 11:30 p.m. EST? Eddie was on to sing "Two Tickets to Paradise" and I was all excited and telling everybody about the song. Nobody else in the room had really heard about him yet and they were more interesting in taking a toke.
  19. I started a topic on this very subject a couple of weeks ago and everybody ignored it.
  20. I'm sorry, but there is a reason why Plant and Page both choose to record with Barriemore Barlow.
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