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  1. Are you still pissed i called you out on your. "Im going to leave thread"


    Im glad im making a name for myself after 2200 post and and atleast a year under this name and not counting the 150 post i did on the old forum. Which was not better than this one.

    You are going to piss some people off with that last comment. (not me).

  2. It's not being over-sensitive. It's called "knowing your audience". This site is not the place for you to extoll your opinions of gays or your belief in some gay/Jewish conspiracy to control Hollywood. What next, the Jews control all the banks too?


    My rates for 5 year loans is 14%.

  3. Yes, but not in the way you think. <_<

    Look, most others appreciated learning how to spruce up their links. He took my advice way too personal and could care less about making life easier for others.

  4. Thank you. I don't see what the big deal is either.

    I'll just quote what you once said to me. "Because you're stupid". Why waste somebodys time by making them click on something they have either NO interest in or have seen before. You obviously don't get it AND obviously don't want to use the functionality that this chat forum provides. IT MAKES NO DIFFERENCE IF YOU OWN A COMPUTER THAT USES A MAC OR WINDOWS OPERATING SYSTEM!! AM I MAKING MYSELF CLEAR?

  5. Led Zeppelin Communication Breakdown

    How about a compromise :P:lol:

    I'll take it. At least I know what I'm clicking on OR if I'm not interested in it. Saving keystrokes and mouse clicks is what it's all about folks.

  6. Excuse me? You are the only one with an issue about how links are posted and there isn't a board rule that says I have to post the way YOU want. I'm on a Mac and the commands are different than a PC. Your way doesn't work on my computer. Has nothing to do with not wanting to use what's provided. I don't really need the derogatory remarks thanks.

    Uuuuummm, I'm also on a MAC.

  7. Well I can't figure out how to do it and I'm not on a PC so I think those directions don't work. Sorry people, I'll have to post links as I copy them :D Don't hate me :P


    Since I work in the computer field, I'll comment on this. This is a typical response from a "user" who does not want to use new functionality provided to them. They just want to do things the same old clumsy way. C'mon ninelives, if you are smart enough to COPY the youtube link, then you can use the insert link functionality. That is unless you are typing every character of the link.

    BTW, what does this mean "I'm not on a PC"?

  8. But your link doesn't work! Don't know why?

    Getting an error message.

    It you want to type out HTML you are bound to make an error. Even a simple typo will screw up your link. That's why I like cutting and pasting.

  9. This is how I do it......

    Step 1 - COPY the artist and song from the youtube description and PASTE it to the end of the video URL appearing in the URL location. Like this...

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KiXcqxms3BsDeep Purple "Hush" from Playboy After Dark

    Step 2 - COPY the http address/video description combination.

    Step 3 - Use the "Insert Link" functionality when creating a post on the Zeppelin chat forum.

    Step 4 - When the "Please enter the full URL" popup appears, PASTE what you copied in Step 2.

    Step 5 - Here is the slightly tricky part. CUT the description from the URL you are pasting in the popup.

    Step 6 - When the "Please enter the title for this item" popup appears PASTE the description in the box.

    Continue and enjoy the fruits of your labor. It's a cutting and pasting exercise, no typing.

    BTW, if you Quote my post here you will see the actual HTML that is created for the link below.

  10. The really great thing about the show I saw was, it was a small venue, but the band acted like they were playing Madison Square Garden. I'll never forget the two cellists(McDowell and Edwards) and Mik Kaminski on violin. The three of them were very animated and all over the stage. What a great show that was.

  11. I prefer this version--much more like trailer park rock!

    The entire group looks like they're right outta the trailer park, ROFL.

    My boyfriend has this Dodge Ram Charger (a truck, not a CHARGER) that's on a lift--it's a total hillbilly truck, and I always tell him that "Black Betty" is the theme song for driving around in it. LOL

    Nice, make fun of people who aren't as fortunate as you. And you call me obnoxious?

    BTW, everybody looked like that in 1978.

  12. I saw Alice in May 1973 at Madison Square Garden. Glen Buxton pretended to play the guitar. I really need to buy some Alice on CD. Currently I only own LP, plus a cassette copy of Pretties for You. Anybody know if the new Killer will contain any bonus tracks?

  13. After reading the obit, I did a little research. I saw ELO in November 1974 at William Paterson College. The venue may have held 1000 people. Kelly must have been a member of the band at time. He replaced Mike DeAlbequerque after the recording of Eldorado and before the subsequent tour. Kelly was a member during what some may refer to as their glory days. Sad news

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