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  1. Care to list everything out. Please, if she or anybody else took it that seriously, they need to get a grip. There are far more offensive things posted on this forum.
  2. I have one question...when did people start eating chicken wings with all the different sauces? Blue Cheese, Hot/BBQ. The stuff is delicious and I ate a bunch during Super Bowl, but man is that rough on the digestive tract.
  3. Harry upset a lot of people when he released Son of Schmillson. I think it's a great collection with an all-star cast of musicians (George Harrysong as he's called). The potty humor and four letter words were not appreciated by some of the fans he gained through Nilsson Schmillson. Your're Breaking My Heart, you're tearing it apart, so fuck you.....
  4. Overreaction??? I didn't say anything specifically.
  5. First of all, I was speaking from the guys perspective. Secondly, why is everything so serious around here. Thirdly, do you apply the same set of morals to the musicians whose music you worship? Jesus McChrist.
  6. Don't restrict yourself to one industry. That is a mistake in almost ANY job search. The company I work for employs loads of electrical engineers. I am not sure of the difference between mechanical and electrical engineers, but you should do just fine. They tend to make VERY good money, but their personalities are a bit odd. Just be flexible and in this economy, don't rule out a relocation.
  7. JethroTull

    Make a story

    I was hoping for something along the lines of....... There was a midnight when I logged onto the Led Zeppelin chat forum. I decided to PM Spats. Lo and behold, he was online. We PM'ed each other, fast and furious. That was it, we needed to see each other immediately. We choose a convenient city, about equal distance to each of our homes. We planned on meeting at the Port Authority Bus Terminal in NYC on 42nd Street at 8:00 am in the morning......
  8. JethroTull

    Make a story

    What is a sentance? Why all the parenthesis? Anyway... There was a midnight when I logged onto the Led Zeppelin chat forum.
  9. "My Sunday Feeling" by Jethro Tull. On their first LP This Was from 1968. They still play it in concert.
  10. Don't knock it until you've tried it.
  11. The Who - the incredibly great "Faith in Something Bigger" from Odds and Sods. Probably a bunch more Who/Townsend songs dealing with the topic.
  12. The Harrison song is "The Lord Loves The One That Loves The Lord". The comma's and the quotes made the original post confusing. Anyway, it's a great song on the Living in the Material World LP. The LP followed the watershed All Things Must Pass LP and contained quite a few spiritual songs on it. It was not very well received, everybody probably wanted another version of All Things Must Pass.
  13. I did a little Stars on 45 research. I was pretty accurate on the timeframe. This drek was all over the place back then and especially in the pseudo disco's I ventured into. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stars_on_45 Oh, "Son of Shmillson" is a fabulous follow-up to the LP you mentioned.
  14. You are in deep trouble. You can't even get a first date. Most people can get a first date. I'm serious, go talk to a therapist.
  15. Yeah and Rock is also a heterosexual. Another area where you two differ.
  16. Thursday's upstate plane crash claimed 9/11 activist Beverly Eckert's life, but left untouched her legacy of helping to better guard the nation against terror strikes, fellow advocates said Friday. Eckert, of Stamford, Conn., was among the 50 killed when Continental Connection Flight 3407 out of Newark crashed into a house. She was traveling to Buffalo to present a scholarship that she set up after her husband, Sean Rooney, died in the 2001 attacks. "She continued to participate in the life of our school community" after her husband's death, school president John Knight said. "She did everything she could to take this tragic event of Sean's passing and have something positive come of it," Knight said. "She loved Canisius High School, and we loved her." Canisius High School is rescheduling the presentation that was planned for Friday to include memorials for Eckert and Rooney. Eckert was also to go to Rooney's hometown of Buffalo to mark with family and friends what would have been his 58th birthday. "She was an inspiration to me and so many others, and I pray that her family finds peace in the hard days ahead," said President Barack Obama, who met with Eckert in the nation's capital last week. Eckert cofounded Voices of September 11, an advocacy group for survivors and 9/11 families. In a statement, the group described Eckert as "passionate and deeply committed." Fellow activist Sally Regenhard, founder of the Skyscraper Safety Campaign, described Eckert as a tireless advocate. "She was part of every worthwhile endeavor on a wide variety of various issues to advocate, from reform to a proper victims memorial," said Regenhard, whose nonprofit works to improve building safety codes and regulations. Eckert became a prominent spokeswoman for national anti-terrorism reform. She was part of a small group of Sept. 11 widows, parents and children who ultimately forced lawmakers in 2004 to pass sweeping reforms of the U.S. intelligence apparatus. She lobbied for the creation of the 9/11 Commission, which was chartered in 2002, and provided recommendations designed to guard against future attacks. On Sept. 11, Rooney called his wife from the 105th floor of Tower Two, where he worked for the risk management company Aon. He told her he was trapped. The two spent his last moments over the phone recapping their life together. She recently donated a tape recording of their conversation to the National September 11 Memorial & Museum. In 2006, she reflected on that conversation in an interview. She said they "tried to live the rest of their lives in the few seconds" they had left together before she heard the tower begin its collapse over the phone.
  17. Christ, I used to fly those commuter planes ALL THE TIME out of Newark, NJ.... The whole story is sad. The famous 9/11 widow also died in the crash...... Two members of Chuck Mangione's band were killed Thursday night in the commuter plane crash near Buffalo, N.Y., said the jazz musician's publicist. Mangione's representative told TMZ that band members Gerry Niewood and Coleman Mellett were among the 50 people killed when the flight from Newark, N.J., crashed into a house near Buffalo.
  18. After spending a couple of years laying low, we've decided to go out for a nice meal tomorrow night. Price fix is $45.00 for the three course, $55.00 for the four course. I guess with drinks and a tip this will end up being $130.00. I'll tell my wife to bring some cash.
  19. Now's your chance!! This Valentines Day will be a perfect opportunity for you to check out one of the fabulous gay bars in Toronto. Just go in, sit down, order a drink and look around. Nobody is saying you have to DO anything. Just don't go into the restroom.
  20. Stars on 45 were very popular in their day. Not my thing, but whatever.
  21. Here's a few... Harrison - Lord Loves The One, The (That Loves The Lord), Hear Me Lord, Art Of Dying Tull - My God, Hymn 43, A Passion Play. Clapton - Presence of the Lord, We've Been Told (Jesus Coming Soon),Swing Low, Sweet Chariot, Give Me Strength.
  22. 1. Try the PM route. 2. Get in line.
  23. Okay, just asking. In that case, I'll pick February 2, 1949 to February 3, 1959.
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