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  1. I always thought it was interesting when in the movie "The Edge" Anthony Hopkins, playing a billionaire stranded in the wilderness with Alex Baldwin says, "when I get home I am going to change my life. I have never known anyone that really changed their life?" I guess its easier said than done?

    How about the woman who wrote the Harry Potter books? How about The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Eagles, Bill Gates, Jethro Tull? Please go apply for a job on Monday, it will take your mind off of all this soap opera nonsense.

  2. What is the purpose of giving your son a car? Anything OTHER than for driving back and forth to college is a mistake.

    My advice is to charge your son a nominal amount of money for the car, somewhere between $500.00 and $1000.00. He'll be more apt to take care of the car AND will learn a lesson that will last a lifetime. Plus, he won't expect you to always be buying him stuff.

  3. My co-worker is from India. She recently told me she hits her 10 year old son when he misbehaves. I felt really uncomfortable as she was telling me this. She is expecting her second child in September. According to my wife (she's a teacher), people from certain cultures (Africa for one) do not hesitate to hit their kids. I was NEVER hit by my parents.

  4. What it boils down to is, do you want to play the game or not? I played the game, sold out to the man and have been rewarded. I've made my money. Although I have several years to retirement, in my current financial state I should have a good retirement. Hopefully my health cooperates. That all being said, if I decided at a young age NOT to play the game, I can't say I would be any happier.

  5. I know one guy in particular in college who gave 30 girls herpes in one semester. If that's not a whore, I'm not sure what is.

    What a class act. Scum bag might be more appropriate than whore. One would think after infecting a couple, word would get out and everybody would stay away from him. Just sleeping with 30 girls in one semester is quite an accomplishment. He must have had something to offer.

  6. Graduated in the early 70's, a white middle-class community. Not a good experience for me. Anti-semitism and just a general bad environment. Lot's of kids smoking, taking drugs, drinking and I suspect bad home lives. They took out their frustrations on unpopular classmates. A lot of the smoking, drinking, etc started in 8th and 9th grade. I never had a drink of alcohol until my senior year. Oddly enough, I had a fair number of acquaintances, but few close friends. I was one of the younger members of my class. It's only in recent years that I realized how the age difference may have had an impact on how I dealt with things and visa versa.

    These days, I'm in touch with a lot of people from high school. I've managed to maintain a healthy weight and appearence, be one of the more successful and became financially secure. (Unlike a lot of them.)

    Little Billy by The Who

    Little Billy was the fattest kid in his class

    Always the last in line

    All the other little kids would laugh at him

    Said he'd die before his time

    Ha ha ha ha

    Ha ha ha ha ha

    Little Billy didn't mind

    Most of the kids smoke cigarettes

    Just to prove that they were cool

    The teacher didn't know about the children's games

    And Billy always followed the rules

    Ha ha ha ha

    Ha ha ha ha ha

    Little Billy didn't mind

    Billy was big on the outside

    But there's an even bigger man inside

    Ten million cigarettes burning every day

    And Billy's still doing fine

    Now Billy and his classmates are middle-aged

    With children of their own

    Their smoking games are reality now

    And cancer's seed is sown

    Ha ha ha ha

    Ha ha ha ha ha

    Little Billy's didn't mind

    Most of them smoke maybe 40 a day

    A habit Billy doesn't share

    One by one they're passing away

    Leaving orphans to Billy's care

    Ha ha ha ha

    Ha ha ha ha

    Ha ha ha ha ha

    Little Billy doesn't mind

    Ha ha ha ha

    Ha ha ha ha ha

    Little Billy's doing fine

  7. Don't even get me started on this topic!! Well, I'll tell one story. A couple of months ago I was getting my hair cut. The guy cutting my hair took a call on his cell phone, stopped cutting my hair and proceeded to give directions to the shop to a friend of his. I was patient, but could tell the friend was having trouble understanding how to get to the shop. I ripped the guy a new a-hole in front of his boss, co-workers and store patrons.

  8. My father-in-law has a narcissistic personality disorder.

    My sister-in-law has a narcissistic personality disorder.

    My deceased mother-in-law suffered from depression.

    My brother-in-law suffers from depression.

    Father-in-law is currently going through a Narcissistic rage and taking it out on my wife.

    Did you know that children often take characteristic of their parents and exaggerate them?

    Wish me luck.

  9. FWIW, the new R.E.M. release was panned by The Washington Post. The main gripe is that every release since the departure of Berry is interchangeable. I won't buy the collection, but I do have two free songs courtesy of ITUNES (uBerlin) and Starbuck's (Oh My Heart). I've always liked the band and own about 4-5 other full releases.

  10. Exactly what? If the Avetts and Mumford were "faking" I've yet to figure out what it is they were faking. While I like Mumford and Sons and Dylan, I've never really gotten into the Avetts so all I'm trying to do is understand your point. As for increased sales, they've definitely gone up for Mumford and Sons and the Avetts since the Grammys last Sunday.

    It was a great night for NC artists such as the Avetts and the Carolina Chocolate Drops, Merge Records (based out of Chapel Hill) also did remarkably well since that's the label Arcade Fire records for.

    I get the sense you are intent on starting a fight with me. I understand you idolize these artists and are sensitive to criticism. I merely expressed my opinion. You don't have to try to poke holes in everything I say and imply that I don't know how to express my opinion. I think I was pretty clear.

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