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  1. Don't you hate Gene Simmons? He's always hawking something. I wonder how many Kiss caskets they sell per year?
  2. Hi Jahfin, This did not go unnoticed. I'm a big Eric Amble fan. Care to tell me a bit about this release? JT
  3. I currently own two acoustics. A Guild D40 that I bought around 1978. (I should have bought two). Also, a Vagabond Travel Guitar..http://www.stringsmith.com/vagabond/intro.htm Last year I sold a 1980 Ibanez Artist with active circuitry, pre-amps and a load of other knobs and switchs. There are a load of zombies out there who love those guitars. One of these days I might buy a Telecaster.
  4. http://www.completealbumlyrics.com/
  5. I'm sorry I couldn't regale you with stories of shooting herion with Sid Vicious or sharing Deborah Harry with Joey Ramone, but it just didn't happen (for me). BTW, do you like The Hellecopters? I just saw on Wikipedia they are disbanding after their next release and tour. I was into them for a while and saw them open for The Dictators at CBGB's a few years ago.
  6. Was that $300 for a Zeppelin O2 passcode? DON'T EVER BUY A PASSCODE ON EBAY!!! It doesn't guarentee you anything!!
  7. I married for the first time in 2001 at the age of 46. Don't let your family/friends/co-workers pressure you to get married. Just do it when and if you are ready. Be prepared to learn new things about your spouse after the vows. Shortly after marriage, I discovered my wife hates answering the telephone. She can play telephone tag with friends for months. When we dated, she answered the phone on one or two rings.
  8. Never listened to his music, but I've heard people speak very highly of him.
  9. I paid $250.00 per ticket before service charges, for two 8th row center Paul McCartney tickets in 2002. Not ashamed to say, it was a great time. That being said, I wouldn't do it again, except for a Zeppelin show.
  10. Tony made one appearance with Jethro Tull during his brief time (one week in December 1968) in the band. This was at the Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus. I think the vocals are the only live aspect to the music. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gIbI6Yl8J_U
  11. During the holidays I was having a chat with a couple of guys about Nick's recent efforts. They told me his last 2-3 efforts have been real laid back. I read a quote of his recently about how he doesn't want to do anything remotely similar to his past. I remember several years ago seeing a Lowe video on VH1. He was solo, playing bass and singing a song. Can't remember the song title. Haven't been able to find it on youtube.
  12. I never read the book, but I probably paged through it in a book store. 1975-1979 were just great years for me musically. Truth be told, I didn't quite fit in. I graduated college in 1977 with a degree in accounting. My day life and evening life clashed and my career suffered. I was probably the most (or one of the most) conservative looking guys in the audience. I didn't care. I remember going to CBGB's with my equally conservative looking girlfriend and sitting at a table waiting for the Dictators to take the stage. Lead singer Handsome Dick Manitoba was next to my table and said to us, "that is where I sit with my girlfriend when I come here". When in NYC go to Manitoba's bar on Avenue B. During the "Weekend" you can rub elbows with a punk legend. There were a handful of new wave bands I enjoyed, but deep down I was really pissed. One by one, the punk bands imploded with a couple of exceptions. I really didn't go to many shows during the 80's. Speaking of books, Handsome Dick recently wrote a book of punk lists. You may want to check it out.
  13. Everybody I know who dumped their vinyl collection(s) from the 60's and 70's ended up regretting it. I guess if space is a serious issue, you gotta do what you gotta do. You should really keep at a minimum the Zep stuff(for obvious reasons). I did see your other post regarding a records player. You should be able to get a cheap one somewhere. By chance is this one of the records in your mom's collection?
  14. I might be interested. If you can't track down the original member who showed interest, just PM me and we can discuss. Thanks.
  15. Make sure you buy the remastered version with the bonus tracks, Small Cigar and Strip Cartoon. Strip Cartoon in particular is a great song. Also, the proper release contained Salamander, an acoustic gem. I bought APP on the day it was released in 1973 and have always loved it.
  16. I just discovered Katherine Heigl. She was interviewed in the Washington Post and kept trying to explain how/why she became a cigarette smoker. Do a google image search and you will find some very interesting photos of her.
  17. I'm proud to say I saw The Damned at CBGB's for what was called the first time an English punk band played the US. The Dead Boys opened. Also saw The Stranglers and The Dictators numerous times. Too bad The Sex Pistols never made it to NYC, I would have been there. I never saw Rockpile/Nick Lowe/Dave Edmunds and regret it.
  18. I watched parts of last years induction ceremony. Who really cares about that phoney back slapping BS. Paul Schaffer leading the band!! Please. If you sang about or used drugs, bad mouthed politicians, got arrested, etc, etc, you'd get voted in. Interesting, no progressive rock bands are voted in.....
  19. I've changed my mind. Led Zeppelin will not tour as a band. Reasons...... 1. No new album to promote. 2. No need to sell the back catalog by touring. The catalog sells on it's own. 3. If they haven't done it by now, what makes you think they really want to or care. 4. They are all 60ish and with such a long layoff, it would just be too grueling.
  20. TOTRNRTYTD released during 1976 in the middle of the punk thing can best be described as quirky. The title did not help the bands popularity. Three songs in particular "Bad Eyes and Loveless", "From a Dead Beat to an Old Greaser" and "Checkered Flag" are the quirkiest and are probably a big reason why those negative reviews exist. This was the first Tull release where I questioned a couple of the songs. The good news is that it has aged well. Even those three songs I mentioned soound interesting and very Tullish 30 plus years later. John Glascock (former Carmen bassist, R.I.P.) joined the band for a few releases beginning with TOTRNRTYTD. He was a welcome addition. Maddy Prior (Steeleye Span vocalist) joined in on a couple of tracks including the title song.
  21. So I read the article again. Regarding Bonham....."on board the chartered Starship jet, he staggered out of the plane's bedroom cabin drunk, grabbed a stewardess and announced his intent to rape her. Grant and Cole had to pull him off."......"at L.A.'s most famous rock & roll bar, the Rainbow, drank ten black Russians in rapid fire, glowered around the room, and when a young woman publicist recognized him and smiled at him, he punched her in the face, then went back to his drinks."...... Here is a quote from Life journalist, Ellen Sanders who covered the bands 1969 US tour. At tours end, she stopped by the band's dressing room to say goodbye...."two members of the group attacked me. Shrieking and grabbing at my clothes, totally over the edge. I fought them off until Peter Grant rescued me, but not before they managed to tear my dress down the back...." Two security people, Richard Cole and John Bindon, were particularly nasty and abusive. Why would anybody harass a 13 year old girl who came to the hotel looking for Plant's autograph?
  22. Deep Purple on Playboy after Dark....enjoy...
  23. Beatle fans should especially enjoy it... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13MVHBlH9Es
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