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  1. Please don't forget to go to work, eat, take care of yourself. Don't get too obsessed with your new purchases!! Seriously, LITP contains some great stuff, Wondering Again (alternate version of Wondering Aloud), Up the Pool, Nursie, Just Trying to Be, Christmas Song. When listening to SFTW, I can't help but think about the musical climate in 1977 (punk, punk, punk) and what Tull released that year.
  2. sorry the pic I wanted to post is not coming out well. I'll be back.
  3. I bought Mothership yesterday and discovered that Zoso was released on my birthday in 1971. I was 16.
  4. NEW YORK, NEW YORK Smoking marijuana Watching channel five Got to get my strength up In this struggle to survive Everyone's an asshole Everyone's a creep I look out my window And there's garbage in the streets I live in the city I breathe dirty air I ride trains with b-boys junkies, queens and squares Everybody's hungry I don't know what to do I used to live on pizza Now I live on Chinese food I can't stand my neighbors Screaming all the time If I wasn't blasting Sister ray I could lose my mind I live in the city I breathe dirty air I ride trains with b-boys junkies, queens and squares Safely someone's smiling The fat man waits his turn Soon he'll count his money While the south Bronx slowly burns Get out for the children Get your ass and run Get out of this stinkin mess To a safe suburban slum I live in the city I breathe dirty air I ride trains with b-boys junkies, queens and squares
  5. Nick Lowe - All Men Are Liars lyrics All Men, All Men are liars their words aint worth no more than worn out tires. Hey Girls, bring rusty pliers to pull this tooth, all men are liars and that's the truth. Do you remember Rick Astley? He had a big fat hit that was ghastly. He said Im never gonna give you up or let you down. Well Im here to tell ya that Dicks a clown Though he was just a boy when he made that vow. Id bet it all that he knows by now. Chorus Among gods creatures man must be. The most slimy and slippery now. There stands the naked ape in a monkey suite. Behind a little mustache he grew, the shifty brute. All the ones not choking on the words they ate are Sweating on getting their stories straight.
  6. I'm sorry for starting another topic on the subject. It was just plain laziness. I suspected the subject was covered. One of the problems I have found with this forum since joining a couple of weeks ago is the high volume, high traffic, large number of topics, large number of users, large number of dopey topics(these are usually my favorites) etc, etc, etc. Forget about using the "search" tool, it returns so many topics, it becomes a pain to sort through pages and pages of one topic to find your search results.
  7. I saw Johnny about 8 years ago at The State Theater in Falls Church, VA. Sadly to say, I've come to discover that The State Theater is where all the washed up musicians play. I enjoyed myself, but a drummer who I attended with said the guitar always seemed a beat or two behind the drums. I'm a guitar player and didn't pick up on it.
  8. 1. I predict Zeppelin will undergo a massive world tour beginning sometime in 2008. 2. I'm concerned that they are not physically able to undertake a grand scale tour with such a long layoff. Health problems and lack luster shows could result. 3. I predict the face value ticket prices will set a record. 4. I predict scalpers will have a field day. 5. I predict, I will score two face value tickets. 6. Thought, this tour could bring the largest diverse demographic to a concert. Teenagers through folks in their 50's. Plus, many different religions and ethnic groups will also be in attendance. 7. The tour will continue into 2010.
  9. My fantasy involved a female who works at my company. I don't even know her. Her hair is cut in a 70's style shag. I'll leave it at that. In fact, any women who wears her hair in a shag style gets a long look from me.
  10. Has this article been discussed? I'm going to re-read it over the weekend, but I recall Peter Grant, Bonzo and a couple of others associated with the band as not coming across too well.
  11. I'm listening to a mid 70's (?) Eric Clapton release named Backless. I'll go on record as stating it is the greatest collection of songs in the history of the world.
  12. That's an interesting observation. The comment below.... "A nice little reminder too of what a technically accomplished pianist John Evan is, and that wonderful Harpo Marx stage persona." John idolized Harpo Marx.
  13. Damn you are a stud. I was on strike in 2007, only went to two shows. Two Springsteen and the E Street Band shows at the Verizon Center in DC. Both shows were great, but hearing an 11 minute version of "Kitty's Back" on night one was all I needed.
  14. Not suitable for young children due to politically incorrect content.
  15. Thank you for ending the misery. That's the last time I try one of these.
  16. JethroTull


    Before ELO came The Move. I saw ELO around 1974 at William Paterson College in Wayne, NJ. Great show around the time they released Eldorado.
  17. Anybody could guess. I should have said "Name the band".
  18. Ah yes, I couldn't overwhelm her with another stellar release. Heavy Horses is superb.
  19. Oh, you own more than I thought.....I'll watch that video tonight. Another good one is Crest of a Knave from 1988, available as a remaster with bonus tracks. This won the controvesial Grammy for Hard Rock/Heavy Metal over Metallica. Ian's voice had changed quite a bit. Barre's guitar work is stellar. One dusky half-hour's ride up to the north. There lies your reputation and all that you're worth. Where the scent of wild roses turns the milk to cream. Tell your mother that you walked all night on velvet green. And the long grass blows in the evening cool. And August's rare delight may be April's fool. But think not of that, my love, I'm tight against the seam. And I'm growing up to meet you down on velvet green. Now I may tell you that it's love and not just lust. And if we live the lie, let's lie in trust. On golden daffodils, to catch the silver stream that washes out the wild oat seed on velvet green.
  20. Here are my suggestions.... 1. Benefit - 3rd LP released in 1970, harder rock that might appeal more to a Zeppelin fan. Get the remastered version with bonus tracks. 2. Stand Up - 2nd LP released in 1969. Bluesier with folk and rock influences. My second favorite Tull release. Get the remastered version with bonus tracks. 3. Thick As a Brick - 5th studio LP released in 1972 featuring the group pictured above. It's a 45 minute song, not the 5 minute version you hear on radio. Don't ask me what it's about. Tull's Montephythonesque sense of humor is apparent from the opening line, "I really don't mind if you sit this one out.". My #1 favorite Tull release. Try buying the deluxe version with the bonus live version, plus band interview and the full newpaper insert. 4. Song From the Woods - somebody mentioned this in thier top 3 1970 releases. This was released in 1977. It's been refered to as the greatest folk-rock album ever. Two of my favs are "Hunting Girl" and "Velvet Green", both featuring a lot of sexual innuendo. Get the remastered version with bonus tracks. I own the gold plated version which goes for big bucks on EBAY. 5. Living in the Past - a 2 LP compilation (boxed set??) released in 1972. Included singles, unreleased songs, select album cuts and some live material with a great photo booklet. This needs to be remastered. I own the gold plated version which goes for big bucks on EBAY. Also, Minstral in the Gallery is also a good one mentioned elsewhere. Hope this all helps.
  21. I've seen Willy a couple of times. You must be familiar with Leo Kottke.
  22. Sorry about posting that gross photo of Ian in the Beautiful Men topic. Here is a photo of Jethro Tull, late 1971 or early 1972. Never a bunch of lookers, they were the anti-rock stars. No drugs, no arrests, no paternity suits. 5 English gentlemen.
  23. Here is what Wikipedia says about the subject..... Allegations of plagiarism When Led Zeppelin's debut album was released, it received generally positive reviews. However, John Mendelsohn of Rolling Stone magazine criticized the band for stealing music, notably "Black Mountain Side" from Bert Jansch's "Black Water Side" (though Jansch himself acknowledges the song as being traditional[69]) and the riff from "Your Time Is Gonna Come" from Traffic's "Dear Mr. Fantasy". He also accused the band of mimicking black artists, and showing off, which is not exactly plagiarism. This marked the beginning of a long rift between the band and the magazine, with Led Zeppelin rejecting later requests for interviews and cover stories as their level of success escalated.[33] One song from the album, "Dazed and Confused", was a song originally written by Jake Holmes and appears on his 1967 album "The Above Ground Sound" of Jake Holmes. The Yardbirds, Jimmy Page's old band, had made a version called "I'm Confused", and Page reworked the song again for Led Zeppelin's debut recording, though Holmes having never received any royalty payments for their recording.[70] Holmes did not file suit over the song, although he did send the band a letter stating "I understand it's a collaborative effort, but I think you should give me some credit at least and some remunity." He received no reply to his letter and he did not follow up on it.[70] Holmes is however also reported to have said "what the hell, let him have it [Dazed and Confused]".[16] The credits for Led Zeppelin II's were also the subject of debate after the album's release. The prelude to "Bring It on Home" is a cover of Sonny Boy Williamson's "Bring it on Home" and drew comparisons with Willie Dixon's "Bring It on Back". "Whole Lotta Love" (sample (info)) shared some lyrics and an overall pattern with Dixon's "You Need Love/Woman You Need Love", though the riff from the song was an original Jimmy Page composition. In the 1970s, Arc Music, the publishing arm of Chess Records, brought a lawsuit against Led Zeppelin for copyright infringement over "Bring It on Home" and won an out-of-court settlement.[71] Dixon himself did not benefit until he sued Arc Music to recover his royalties and copyrights. Years later, Dixon filed suit against Led Zeppelin over "Whole Lotta Love" and an out-of-court settlement was reached.[72] Later pressings of Led Zeppelin II credit Dixon. Similarly, the "Lemon Song", from the same album, was a cover of Howlin' Wolf's "Killing Floor". The band was successfully sued for copyright and forced to give credit to the original author of the song.[73] Two songs from the album Physical Graffiti have also come under scrutiny. "Boogie with Stu" is simply the Richie Valens song "Ooh! My head" retitled (although it was also credited to Mrs. Valens, his mother. See Boogie with Stu) and "In My Time of Dying" is a traditional blues number (covered by Blind Willie Johnson and Bob Dylan among others), yet it is credited to Page/Plant/Jones/Bonham.[74]. The intro to "Stairway to Heaven" is argued to have been inspired from the Spirit song "Taurus" written by Randy California in 1968.[75].
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