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  1. Eric Clapton died in a fiery plane crash in late 1969.

    Some people say he survived and continued on with a huge solo career, but those are the same people who've seen Elvis at the gas station.

    LOL. I expected at least one reply of this nature. Fair enough. Whenever I read a Claption interview, he never seemed happy in The Yardbirds or Cream.

  2. Man, I just dont get it. Here is a thread started by Jethro Tull and its about Clapton? Well anyway, Id rather talk about Tull than clapton. I love Tull, (Ian Anderson) saw him in rochester ny back in the day and he was nothing short of fabulous. My question is, what is the guitarists name that does the classic lead in Aqualung? (one of the all time classics) I used to know this but have forgotten. As for Clapton, sure he is great. In fact I have listed him reluctantly as number two of all time behind Page only becaue Rhodes and Hendrix in my opinion died before they had enought material to be legitamately placed ahead of Clapton.But as for Tull, he is mentioned far too seldom for his talent.

    Thanks for the response!! As previously mentioned Tull's guitar player has been Martin Barre since 1969. Now for some Tull/Zep trivia. Did you know that Jimmy Page was watching (and cheering him on) Martin play the Aqualung solo in the studio during the recording session? Zep was recording Zofo and Tull was recording the Aqualung LP in the same studio.

  3. I dig 70's Clapton. Derek and the Dominos, plus all the records that followed. The solo LP's beginning with the 461 Ocean Boulevard contain some great stuff. It was a period when Clapton was at his happiest musically. It was also his longest period of time with the same musicians, Carl Radle, Jamie Oldaker, Dick Sims, George Terry, Marcy Levy and Yvonne Ellimon. Dang, I remembered all those names by memory.

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