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  1. After game 1, some jerk I work with started taunting me with 6-1, 6-1. After game 2, I just said , "well the Philies did what they needed to do, they split in NY". I just kept quiet after games 3, 4 and 5. I'm even gonna keep quiet tomorrow. THE YANKEES WIN, THE YANKEES WIN.

  2. I sha'nt be attending or participating in this forum too much in the near or distant future. One of my friends has been ostracized for his/her unique approach to posting and subsequently has ceased their own participation in this pursuit. The mob mentality that exists here is too much to handle. The cheerleaders have made their "Presence" known.

  3. Sorry, but I need to chime in here. Bobo comes across so holier than thou and yet he pollutes the environment with that hideous stage prop. What happens after the tour? That relic gets sent to the dump. How corporate and corny. I read a review of the show here and he spent 15 minutes rattling off names of politicians in the audience. No thanks.

  4. Just for something to do, I saw that guy about 10 years ago at The Bottom Line in NYC. What a depressing mess. We left after about 20 minutes.

    I thought he would play some music, but it was just IMHO really amateurish, depressing poetry. I only wanted to

    hear one song and guess which one? Now I'm reading these obits and every one says the same thing...... about

    how he couldn't carry a tune. Judging by the photos, he was not a happy guy. R.I.P.

  5. Has anyone ever seen this guy. He is friggin' hilarious. I saw him on saturday night at a small venue.

    For those not familiar with him, he is a vegas lounge singer that sings popular songs from classic to rap to metal to alternative. I'm sure he's on youtube, check him out.

    The light bulb just lit up!!

  6. Brainwashed - George Harrison's swan song

    Unfortunately, I haven't had a chance to listen to it yet. I did listen to Marwa Blues, and I thought it was one of the best instrumentals I'd ever heard. Very beautiful and peaceful. :)

    1) Marwa Blues won a Grammy in 2004.

    2) I enjoy the entire CD.

  7. Hey, Jethro, you're actin' crazy as a clown

    Nobody feels like workin', when Panama Red is back in town!

    That comes from a great LP. I don't own much vinyl by the band, but I think a tribute weekend is in store. I own nothing on CD, so maybe I'll pick something up. I checked my concert dates. Both shows at the legendary Capitol Theater in Passaic, NJ. Dates were 10/24/74 and 5/15/76.

  8. If it's too personal, I understand...

    What were the comments that hurt you? Was it something about your look, or personality or simply something rude...?

    I was about a week ago at my friend's house and she tried to teach me how to play the guitar. I suck at that and I know it. However, her brother came to a doorstep and told me I must not play the guitar ever again because I suck. He told me I will never learn how. He's actually a professional singer and is in choir... But that hurt like hell.

    Just because he is a professional singer does not mean he is good. Next time you hear his choir, tell him they sounded horrible and he in particular sounded like shit. Tell him to get a job washing dishes.

    Another rude comment I got was about my dad. My classmate who hates me told me my dad is an alcoholic and he spitted in front of my feet. I was pissed and beat him because that wasn't the first time he said that. I got a detention (why me???) and after being pissed whole day burst into tears. I hate school. Next day was better cause my teacher realized what happened and that idiot got detention instead of me.

    It doesn't stop after high school. Adults just know how to disguise insults better. And sometimes, they don't even get disguised. It's a fact of life, people suck. As people get older, jealousy, envy and all sorts of shit take over their mind and they turn into a dickheads.

  9. He was a very private person and I doubt he would have done that.

    Well of course he wouldn't participate in a reality TV show. There was a reason why he was private. There is no way he could be seen hooked up to intravenous and all the other nonsense that was probably going on, etc, etc, etc, etc.

  10. I can't believe this thread is still here!!! :slapface:

    Leave MJ alone! Great musician or not just drop it!

    Freak or not - drop it!

    90% plastic or not - -II-

    Gay or not - ...

    Pedophile or not - ...

    He IS King of Pop.

    BUT there will always be people who think he's the King of Po(o)p.

    Geez, drop it already.

    Please, raise your standards.

  11. I hate to say it but it kinda seems like you were set up from the beginning. The girl that introduced you to her probably saw you as a high roller and figured her friend could have a good time at your expense. Obviously you were taken advantage of. That is so sad, becuase obviously you are a generous and considerate man. Women like that give other women a bad name.

    I agree with bongman, also buying anyone a coach bag on the first date is uncalled for. I have a friend that was always going over the top like that on first dates and I know with him it either attracted gold diggers or scared the normal women off a bit because they saw it as a bit desperate.

    I agree.

    Don't let this bad experience jade you, just be more cautious in the future. You learn something from every event and situation in your life.

    Hoping you find the girl of your dreams soon! Sounds like she will be a lucky woman! :D

    I disagree. He needs to explore why he felt a need to continue the date when it was obvious he was being taken advantage of.

    In addition, AC might have been worst possible local for a blind date. I guess you can't trust people you meet at a Bad Company back stage party.

  12. Unfortunatly I wasn't there to see it, but it would have been amazing to have been there.

    I'm really no big fan of Michael Jackson, though I appreciate some of his work and his impact in music is undeniable. I haven't followed the news reports regarding his passing that much as I think it easily blow into ridiculous proportions and everybody wants a piece of the cake. Same goes for all speculations regarding his death. Let the guy rest.. ;) In my mind, it's all about the music! B)

    What a confusing post, full of double talk. "It's all about the music", please raise your standards.

  13. OMG, watching more videos by The Byrds. All the drumming is played faster on the live songs from 69/70ish. Everybody in the band starts playing faster and it's one big mess. No wonder McGuinn turned to some religious cult for a number of years. I suspect he was confused as to why fans were screaming their heads off over crappy music. Please somebody else watch a few Byrds video and tell me I'm crazy.

  14. Knebby, I totally get what you are saying!! WHO CARES if those kids may or may not be his biologically? The fact is that he raised them and loved them and according to all of his friends was a great and loving father, so that is all that should matter in the end.

    I believe it was my post a day or two ago that started this discussion. First of all I agree with you. I should have been more succinct in the point I was making. And that is, when people die and leave money to people they aren't technically related to, it leaves a very bad taste in the mouths of blood relatives who get snubbed. It happens quite often. The person who dies is not thinking clearly and doesn't realize the hurt they leave behind.

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