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  1. Paul Rodgers simply fantastic! much more than a 'one dimensional singer' Any one that can be the singer in one of the best bands in the world in FREE go on to Bad Company, sing with Jimmy page and have the guts to perform with Queen, has to have more than one dimension. Easily top three!
  2. Anything by 'FREE' a band much overlooked on this site. Blues/Rock Try the 'FREE STORY' (best of) or 'Fire & Water' or 'Heartbreaker' The band split and Paul Rogers (vocals) started 'Bad Company' not as good as FREE (IMO) but still a great band
  3. Looking out my office window its cold, wet, grey and miserable in Newcastle upon Tyne, North East England I need to go somewhere hot!
  4. Its the North East derby on Sunday Newcastle v Sunderland, The Great unwashed are coming to the hallowed ground which is St James Park, to be thrashed. (maybe not). I had a season ticket at Newcastle for 20 years, give it up at the end of last season, I was just sick of watching crap!!!!
  5. Well heres the first reply. Afraid both teams are s@*!t at the moment, But the TOON will win on Sunday
  6. Imelda May - Love Tattoo 50's rock n Roll with a contemporary feel, great stuff, she has such a great voice.
  7. For anybody interested in 'Led Zeppelin and in the North East of England tomorrow evening. At the Sage Music Centre in Gateshead, Chris Phipps, Music Historian, is hosting an event celebrating 40 years of Led Zeppelin. The show, titled 'The Song Remains The Same, 40 Years Gone, includes an interview with 'Dick Carruthers' who put the film together for the 2003 DVD, and filmed the 02 concert. Dick is described as one of Zeppelins closest confidants.
  8. Anyway back to the thread, I for one would love to see the Faces reunion. Seen them 4 times back in the day in Newcastle. Those concerts were just fantastic, they even had a bar on the stage! Was just great fun. Don't think they would do the bar thing now, but just to see them back on stage rumbling though some great rock n roll songs would be fantastic. Just read that its going to be the bass player from Rod Stewarts touring band
  9. MissHD, I don't have a tattoo but yours is now permanently etched in my mind. November 5th, great day to post that picture, certainly sent off some fireworks in Newcastle.
  10. I did amend this instantly yesterday and apologized for my mistake
  11. I totally disagreed with using any part of the 'Led Zeppelin' name ie Silver Zeppelin. Zepplinesque. It makes it sound like a bad tribute band. They need a new and different name if the tour goes ahead.
  12. Sorry 'caroselambra' I totally forgot about 'Bill Wyman'. I wonder why. Apologies!
  13. Can anybody tell me what the difference is between the 3 J's touring with a new singer (maybe) doing some new material (maybe) and led zeppelin songs... and Robert Plant touring with some new material and doing some Led Zeppelin songs? I for one don't and will be the first in line for tickets... bring it on. And oh 'caroselambra' I think you'll find the Rolling stones have had the same line up for 30 years or so.
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