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  1. It is worth every penny. I ordered it ten years ago from the publisher. What was funny was that Barnes & Noble claimed they couldn't send a copy to me but when I called the publisher, they had one! I bought it from them. It's a wonderful photo book and I considered it my birthday present for that year. If you can find a copy for a fair price, I would recommend buying it.
  2. I know what you mean about feeling sad! He was about 32 years older than me when I was born! Ah well....
  3. I think the nickname Page earned for primping his hair was 'Old Girl'. I'll have to look up where I read that but I recall reading an anecdote about Page fuming at his driver because the convertible messed up his hair. Miss Pamela recounted in her book that Page used Pantene products at the time she was with him, and apparently she told Stephen Davis that he used to borrow her hair curler to make curls that hung "just like that." These little stories are interesting to mull over in a "who knows?" fashion. Come to think of it, I don't recall seeing a picture of Robert Plant with a tie besides at this photo shoot either (unless one counts a photo of him that is supposedly from his daughter Carmen's wedding).
  4. I certainly don't hate you for saying that. There's a response that said they had extremely good chemistry onstage, which is very true but even without any sexual involvement whatsoever, the interchange between them can still be incredibly sexy, even homoerotic. But then, sometimes that's the best thing - the homoerotic sensuality without any sexual involvement at all. As a chemistry, it works very well.
  5. I don't know about this particular journey but the kissy face will speed me on mine! More epidural injections - rats. So this (and all the rest of the lovely pics, ladies!) will keep me happy as I go back for round 2...or 3...or whichever. Thanks!
  6. Whaaaaa...? Headmaster thread? Quaking? I must have missed something good...or bad? What was on this other "headmaster" thread that was bad? I do agree though. A new thread should be started just for the poems.
  7. Hey, thanks Knebby. The ARMS pic is still a good one! I definitely recognize the suit and the guitar strap. Jimmy was coming back to performing after so much pain and loss of his own during ARMS so it's actually quite inspiring to me. And look at him now - he's healthy and happy today, thanks in big part to this step he took by being a part of ARMS. And thanks to all of you for all your kind words great pictures. I saved every one of the pics! I'm slowly and carefully getting myself back together...it will be a long process but thinking of how Jimmy Page came back to doing what he does best and what he loves inspires me to keep pushing too. One of these days....I am GOING to figure out how to actually put a picture in my posts instead of just a link! I'm determined, see...
  8. Dear Fellow Fans and Pagettes: Yesterday, I had to make the most difficult decision in my whole life. It was a very personal and painful one, and I think what I need right now is some really good pictures of Jimmy that will make my heart happy. I particularly love any pictures of him from the Firm period (but any period will do since Jimmy makes me so happy anyway). I enjoy all of you, and I have so much fun here that I want to keep up the habit of visiting as much as humanly possible. Thank you all in advance for all the Jimmy love... M.
  9. I scanned this pic in my photobucket from Richard Cole's Stairway to Heaven. It's the photo of Cole mixing a Brandy Alexander on Caesar's Chariot in 1977. Take a look at it and tell me if you think that's Jimmy in the background. Sure looks like him. http://s649.photobucket.com/albums/uu216/j...nt=scan0003.jpg
  10. The guy standing with his hand over his mouth gives it away. That's a "this is truly awful" thing when someone runs their hand over their mouth like that with their other arm crossed. Even the people with their backs to the camera are tense, and everyone seems huddled together and closing in on Jimmy. Looks like a protective sort of closing in, of him and of themselves. I know, it's quite a psychobabble analysis but it reminds me of when something awful has just happened, everyone knows it's awful but no one is completely sure yet exactly what happened in much detail. That's probably where all these people were at when this picture was taken.
  11. Oh my...these are just beautiful. Perfect for a rotten day and injection #2 tomorrow. And this sure is the Jimmy I fell in love with 11 years ago.
  12. I doubt the first one is him but the second one...wasn't Jimmy a little older than this when he first picked up a guitar? This kid looks to be about 8 years old.
  13. GRRRR!!! I have this screenshot from the Guitar Show video clip and I STILL can't figure out how it works! Fine - here's a link: http://s649.photobucket.com/albums/uu216/j...=JimmyFunny.jpg
  14. Okay, let me try this... <a href="http://s649.photobucket.com/albums/uu216/jimmypageophiles/Jimmy%20Page%20after%20Led%20Zeppelin/?action=view&current=JimmyFunny.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i649.photobucket.com/albums/uu216/jimmypageophiles/Jimmy%20Page%20after%20Led%20Zeppelin/JimmyFunny.jpg" border="0" alt="The Guitar Show, 7/18/1985"></a> Oops.
  15. Yes, that's right. I forgot about the Santa Barbara date, and Pamela Des Barres discusses it in I'm With the Band (in some detail). Since Eugene is definitely out of the way for even a short stop, it would be difficult to impossible to place the band there between SLC and LA since they would have had no time to go from SLC to Eugene to LA. I wonder where Dave Lewis got his information? Thanks!
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