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  1. Both. If you want to use any, please link to this site: http://www.ukrockfestivals.com/the-69-bath-festival.html
  2. Yes. The guy who has the film wrote an article to the magazine.
  3. I just received message from the guy who sent me all these pics and he said no because, as he explained, all are subject to copyright. But there's a chance to get the article - please email Dave Lewis of TBL and ask him for a permission. Maybe some pics too?
  4. Maybe I can help out a bit since I know a guy who has Doors show from NO 71.
  5. No, we're waiting for the permission from the owner of these pics/infos. That's all. I hope these will be available very soon, i do not wanna hoarding anything.
  6. A rough video? Are u referring to that amateur snippet that is floating 'round or just the footage filmed from the photographer's pit just close to the stage as for the NY 2/7/75?
  7. 1972.02.28? Are you sure it's not 1975 really? The 1972 date doesn't match with any confirmed show...
  8. I emailed u before. I thought you'll start using email.

  9. Ok, but please send any PM to email address.

  10. If u can, email me via abracadabra@argenteumastrum. com - it's much more easy way to talk, also more safety way :)

  11. Are u able to confirm names of the tapers as well as confirm all the details (song listing, etc.) for all videos available? I am working on studio stuff right now and this will take me another bunch of days but soon after as I finish it I am planning to hang on with video so would be cool to have a prepared list and update database as much as it required. Btw, if u can please continue this talk vi

  12. I do think we should confirm it before posting final reports.

  13. Well, it says some of the filmers names, and other info, like for the Honolulu 8mm film, he wrote that a local filmer filmed it...

  14. Do you have the book Led Zeppelin: THe Concert File, that has quite a bit of info on LZ footage, some of it is incorrect though, like it says the 8/31/69 footage is 8mm...

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