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  1. Doesn't get rid of all of the pain all of the time, trust me!
  2. Meaning they came over "ON" the Mayflower as opposed to clinging to the hull?
  3. [quote name='Oracle' date='31 May 2010 - 07:14 PM' timestamp='1275351290' It's so inevitable that in the future we'll look back and see how primitive oil was and how stubborn man was to transform into a cleaner, quieter, lighter stepping being. Either that or we'll ruin our water, air and land by overproducing, overpopulating and overconsuming. Then we'll really be up shitcreek, literally.
  4. I haven't been keeping up with the NBA much since the old celtics lakers rivalry, until recently when we aquired the hornets from carolina. As then I will now pull for the celtics to win.
  5. R.I.P. Hopp I don't know the history of his cancer diagnosis but I'm curious as to weather or not his heavy alcohol and drug use may have masked his symptoms where they didn't catch it until it had progressed far along. They annouced the diagnosis in October of 09 so the cancer must have been in the later stages. I would guess age would have also played a roll, either way the treatments are no pic-nic either.
  6. Dzldoc


    Thank you all for your well wishes, I will be recieving my care from what is considered to be one of the top treatment centers in the country and I already know most of the staff there. A great group of doctors, nurses and support staff.
  7. Dzldoc


    I'm about to start another round of chemo, I'll send you a pm
  8. Dzldoc

    Photos !

    That's funny DOC, being in a military family and traveling through and living in many different states I've come to realize that once you get away from the coast or the big cities the majority of America is as rural in the boondocks as you can get. I'm really starting to like the idea of moving to a more wide open area myself but as you know it's best I live close in for the time being. I've even had conversations with my parents about selling our houses and buying a piece of rural property with a couple smaller homes already on the land and having a little family compound, a home where the buffalo roam! Lol Might even be a frugal idea with the way the economy has been going
  9. Does this bare any resemblance? http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d.html?a=B000C4BMCE
  10. I had always believed it to be Icarus
  11. Dzldoc

    American Idol

    I picked Lee to win several weeks back but started to worry he might lose it in the end as he didn't seem to be very enthusiastic about it. I thought the duet with Casey and Brett Michaels was great, gotta give a standind O to Brett after all he has and will be going through to keep on keepn' on
  12. This just in- Local news outlets are reporting that several fisherman working on the oil clean up project became ill and had to be flown to a New Orleans area hospital, it's unclear if the illness was related to exposure to the oil dispersants being uesd on the spill. I'll post any updates I hear about. I really feel for these folks, bad enough BP has screwed up there livelyhoods now they are endangering their lives. BP should be supplying proper safety equipment like filtered respirators and not those cheap dust masks ofcourse In BPs defense you can't make them use the equiment and it is paid work that they signed on for, use that safety equipment guys!
  13. The more important thing Liz is where will you be in the next ten years? Use it to your advantage young lady, it the most valuable thing you have!
  14. Sad I didn't check but does it come with a certificate of authenticity?
  15. I don't keep up with hockey much until comes down to the championships what teams are left?
  16. "All in all you're just another brick in the wall"
  17. Yes it is tough I know, I remember purchasing my home I had to get some help from family and had to sell some of my personal assets in order to come up with the down payment and closing costs, insurance, utillity deposits and other moving costs and they won't let you borrow any of those expenses and you have to prove to the bank where you came up with the funds. One reason why I can't understand how they let the housing market crash, when I purchased they made me jump through hoops and I had excellent credit Hope things work out for y'all
  18. It's a daily story down here ofcourse, but I guess if you're refering to clooney's bleeding heart I would guess that not enough dead fish have surfaced yet. It's coming! I have to feel for the people that depend on the gulf to make their livelyhood. I'm refering to the fishermen, I used to have a commercial shrimp boat myself and I know a lot of these folks personally, most are born into this way of life and know no other way to make a living. This thing is going to be really bad for the whole country if it causes severe damage to the marshes which are basically the nursery for the majority of our country's seafood as well as untold species of birds and insects and micro organisms alike. From a locals perspective it seems that BP is not doing enough quick enough and from the federal level there doesn't seem to be the urgency that one would expect. I will say that our local leaders are ready to take charge with or without the permits from the army Corp and have already commandered some of BP's boats for hire to place oil boom in areas where no action was taking place. Hooray for them, I guess we learned our lesson from Katrina about waiting for someone else to do their jobs.
  19. Have You checked to see if they have any first time homebuyer/low down payment home buyer programs availible in your area? I'm not familiar with the social programs in you country but they have all types of plans in the US both Federal, State and local. There's nothing like owning your own place even with the maintenance, insurance and taxes you always know as long as you make your payments no one is going to put you out plus you will build equity instead of making the landlord rich. Good luck to you and yours STZ p.s. in most cases you can purchase a home for near the same as rent.
  20. Well IMHO you have no reason to be shy cutie!
  21. Seeing another beautiful sunrise and sunset!
  22. Me too! But I'm glad to still be trudging on
  23. Welcome to the forum, I saw zep in BR in 77 and had tix to the 77 NO show as well. Whole lotta nice folks around here and very informative threads about zep as well as non zep topics, hope you enjoy yourself here!
  24. Doh! Yes yes I didn't pay close attention to the frame only the color, haven't been seeing things too clearly lately lol. Sweet ride you have there.
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