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  1. I picked Lee to win several weeks back but started to worry he might lose it in the end as he didn't seem to be very enthusiastic about it. I thought the duet with Casey and Brett Michaels was great, gotta give a standind O to Brett after all he has and will be going through to keep on keepn' on
  2. Yes it is tough I know, I remember purchasing my home I had to get some help from family and had to sell some of my personal assets in order to come up with the down payment and closing costs, insurance, utillity deposits and other moving costs and they won't let you borrow any of those expenses and you have to prove to the bank where you came up with the funds. One reason why I can't understand how they let the housing market crash, when I purchased they made me jump through hoops and I had excellent credit Hope things work out for y'all
  3. Have You checked to see if they have any first time homebuyer/low down payment home buyer programs availible in your area? I'm not familiar with the social programs in you country but they have all types of plans in the US both Federal, State and local. There's nothing like owning your own place even with the maintenance, insurance and taxes you always know as long as you make your payments no one is going to put you out plus you will build equity instead of making the landlord rich. Good luck to you and yours STZ p.s. in most cases you can purchase a home for near the same as rent.
  4. Well IMHO you have no reason to be shy cutie!
  5. Seeing another beautiful sunrise and sunset!
  6. Same thing that has made me unhappy everyday for the last two years... My sick ex-wifes unrelenting pursuit to sabotage any chance I have of having an ongoing relationship with my son She really has his head "F#%KED UP!
  7. Ditto! Even though it was a short week with pres.day mon and mardi-gras tues I'm ready for some more rest!
  8. May your happiness be everlasting
  9. "I'm from Joisey! Are you from Joisey? hehehe
  10. I agree ally, when you hear that screeching it makes you want to holler "My god somebody get it off of her! " And the guy from rush just makes me want to stick my fingers in my ears and go lalalalalalala!
  11. Hi Staci welcome to the forum.

    Nice photo albums you have there.

    Hope you enjoy the forum as much as I have and there are some really nice folks here and many great threads about zep as well as non zep related.

  12. Midcity Lanes "Live Entertainment" The owner dancing on the bar lol, New Orleans can find any reason to party Mr Plant even stopped in while in town.
  13. That's nasty! Wonder how she wipes her ass?
  14. Me neither, just clowning Never been scuba diving HYE flown in a helicopter to an offshore oil rig?
  15. I've got sunshine instead of a cloudy day!
  16. Plenty of times HYE had a threesome?
  17. Is that a roll of quarters in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?
  18. "Oooh! My Love Rock On"

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