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  1. Dzldoc

    iphone 3G

    I use my phone too but have an electric one with a battery back-up and ole trusty here incase all else fails
  2. Looks like we'll have a Penn. in the outhouse bowl
  3. Dzldoc

    iphone 3G

    I've seen an arm band made for this reason, I have a regular case to protect the phone nothing needed for running edited to say maybe an iPod touch is for you, I bouhgt one for my son and it does everything an iPhone does except make phone calls.
  4. Dzldoc

    iphone 3G

    I have a first gen. iPhone so it uses the edge network for the internet so I can't really comment on the 3G or 3G models but I will tell you about my experience with mine. First off you can't send text photos with this one just email, there's no video record only voice record and camera stills which are pretty decent. I love the iPod part since I can load music and videos. I had the first one for almost two years then had some pixel problems that weren't really covered under the apple care warranty but they gave me a new phone anyway so I'm good for awhile and don't plan to upgrade anytime soon. The 3G network is faster on the internet side from what I understand. The safari browser sux on some sites like this one and there is no flash support so if you are looking at something in flash all you will see are a little blue block with a question mark My plan is $65.55 tax included.
  5. Dzldoc

    Full Metal Star Wars

    That was pretty good.
  6. A Few HYE Ridden on an air boat
  7. Yes (too many to remember lol) HYE been to a Stripper Bar?
  8. http://www.youtube.c...feature=related Elvis in New Orleans About a year before my time
  9. I was at that Jazz Fest Show with my soon to be June Bride. Since your such a big Elvis fan
  10. Good morning Ms Deborah SRV Rules!
  11. Think I might be able to squeeze out enough for one of those adirondack chairs lol
  12. The more you read from her the more confused you will become
  13. Lucky you I would love to take that tour as I work on all kinds of vehicles and equipment for a living BTW those Jet Bikes are built by a company right here in Louisiana
  14. Hey Dan, Just blowin' off a little steam, what makes it more frustrating is the fact that she has psych. problems so I can't really blame everything on her personally Just a tough situation all around and I have to try and keep the stress level down least I make myself sick again and that wouldn't be a good thing for anyone especially me!
  15. "If God! didn't want us to eat animals he wouldn't have made them outta meat!"~Sarah Palin
  16. Musta been skimming the til there eh Del?
  17. My ex walked up behind me in the super market this evening and started talking and I ignored her at first because I didn't recognize her voice! I guess that's a good sign.
  18. someone sent this to me in an email, I LMFAO!!! Sorry KB I couldn't help myself
  19. No but I've been burned by a hot cookie! HYE been caught on a lake in a canoe during a thunderstorm?
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