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  1. I'm curious how well the iPhone substitues for a separate iPod. Specifically, I mainly use my iPod while running; does that work with an iPhone? (they seem too big for that)

    I've seen an arm band made for this reason, I have a regular case to protect the phone nothing needed for runningbiggrin.gif

    edited to say maybe an iPod touch is for you, I bouhgt one for my son and it does everything an iPhone does except make phone calls.smile.gif

  2. I have a first gen. iPhone so it uses the edge network for the internet so I can't really comment on the 3G or 3G models but I will tell you about my experience with mine.

    First off you can't send text photos with this one just email, there's no video record only voice record and camera stills which are pretty decent.

    I love the iPod part since I can load music and videos.

    I had the first one for almost two years then had some pixel problems that weren't really covered under the apple care warranty but they gave me a new phone anyway so I'm good for awhile and don't plan to upgrade anytime soon.

    The 3G network is faster on the internet side from what I understand. The safari browser sux on some sites like this one and there is no flash support so if you are looking at something in flash all you will see are a little blue block with a question marksad.gif

    My plan is $65.55 tax included.

  3. Congrats to the Saints. OMG! That was a good game, especially the last few minutes of regular time. Thought they could of ended the game sooner by kicking the field goal sooner but whatever works.

    You must be happy Charles.

    12 N.O. santa.gifH O! HO! HO! cheer.gifhysterical.gifcheer.gif

  4. Yes we did. It was in the shop area where they work on the vehiclss and was fired up while we were there. He has an amazing collection of vehicles and I was lucky to have been able to see his vehicles. Didn't get to meet Jay though.

    Lucky yousmile.gif I would love to take that tour as I work on all kinds of vehicles and equipment for a livingcool.gif

    BTW those Jet Bikes are built by a company right here in Louisianasmile.gif

  5. Hi Doc, sorry for the delay in posting back to you mate. blush.gif Your Mum is a credit to your family, as are you too. dc.gif Sorry i mean beer.gif So sorry Doc blush.gif (backs away in embarrassment) laugh.gif

    My Misses has just returned from three months fruit picking with her 80yo dad, while i've been sitting on my fat arse and sleeping in late, thats now over and she's getting me in to shape so to speak, so they are not all bad, but like us men there are quite a few undesirables out there, you just have to get lucky i suppose, l know i have.

    The only piece of advice i can give you is this, do what a Panda does,

    Eats, Shoots and Leaves.

    You know it makes sense. laugh.gif

    Regards, Danny

    Hey Dan,

    Just blowin' off a little steam, what makes it more frustrating is the fact that she has psych. problems so I can't really blame everything on her personallyslapface.gif

    Just a tough situation all around and I have to try and keep the stress level down least I make myself sick again and that wouldn't be a good thing for anyone especially me!sad.gif

  6. My question would be why a 27 year old college graduate is "not making any money"?

    When I was 27 I was married; had no bills; paid CASH for two new cars; had just bought a home (putting 20%) down, and still had money left over to invest in the stock market.

    ...and I only had a high school diploma and was working at a supermarket chain .

    By the way I own Nike stock. Have bought and sold it several times over the years, and it has always made me a lot of money.

    As to the Tiger Woods incident: I blame his wife. A happy man at home doesn't look outside the marriage. It's all her fault.

    huh.gif Musta been skimming the til there eh Del?wink.gif

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