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  1. I guess I'm in the minority here, I don't drink. LOL

    I can say I tried Diet Coke with Lime and it was disgusting.

    I don't drink or smoke, at least not any longer since February of this year and I can say for now I don't see that changing any time soon!smile.gif

  2. My daughters best friend from childhood , a neighbor and one of my girls scouts when I was a leader was in a motorcycle accident the day before Thanksgiving. She broke her back and collar bone. We were giving thanks that she is still alive and not paralysed yesterday.

    I hate posting in this thread.

    Sorry to hear that, they say tragedies come in 3's hopefully everyone gets through the holidaysconsole.gif

  3. Hey Charles, great news my friend!!! beer.gif

    I am REALLY looking forward to this Christmas! I'm living on a farm in Wisconsin. We've got 40 acres all to ourselves! Remember, I grew up on the California coast. I've never had this kind of experience. I'm used to wearing shorts and a t-shirt on Christmas! We have a hill, and I'm gonna sled! Angi's little sister is insisting on helping me make my first snowman. laugh.gif But yeah, it will be my first true White Christmas with lots of outdoor activity i.e. not spent in a house in the suburbs! wink.gif I'm going to take every advantage of the situation and go all-out holiday hog-wild! I will makes me a snow angel! biggrin.gif

    Best wishes Charles! Merry Christmas! smile.gif

    Thanks everyone, unfortunately I received a bit of disappointing news today.rolleyes.gif

    The doctor wants to wait til after my next CT scan before he sends me back to my surgeon.

    This makes me a little uneasy though I know it's just a precaution, cancer is a tough buggerdry.gif

    Now! Evster you are going to have a blast playing in the snow.biggrin.gif It's the working in it that will be a bitch!sad.gif

    I spent many of my childhood years in Virginia and Newport RI.

    A word of advice about sledding though, stay off of the saucers and inner tubes there's no control and you may end up spending the holidays in a castlaugh.gifinjured.gif otherwise enjoy the hell out of it while you can.santa.gif

  4. Hello everyone that celebrates Christmas, do you have anything special planned for the holiday?

    Feel free to chime in on this thread even if you celebrate another holiday we don't descriminate here.

    Which brings me to a tradition if you will, on my way to the hospital this morning(I'm having my port removed today yahoo!) I saw lines of people crowding outside some of the retail stores waiting for that "Black Friday" special purchase.

    Hahaha it's like 38 degrees outside, they can have it! :lol:

    Happy Holidays to you and yours:D

  5. When it came to choosing a screename it came down to either: Del Zeppnile or DIE-ALL-YOU-DUMBASS-LIBERAL-ASSCLOWN-FILTHY-PEICES-OF-DOG-SHIT

    So since 'Del Zeppnile' was more in theme with the forum... I picked that.


    Life is a Bitch! when they're in your way!laugh.gif

  6. Hi Doc,

    Hearing that it makes me wanna turn Gay, makes you think why the fcuk would any Man want to be father anymore doesn't it?

    Regards, Danny

    PS, "Turn Gay", but not in a "Gay" way you understand?

    Hi Dan,

    Well it wouldn't have been so bad if I hadn't let her sit on her ass for 20 yearsslapface.gif gotta get a working woman, my mom is 73 and still works full time and cooks Thanksgiving dinner every year.

    Don't get me wrong I don't want a mother just a partner that wants to better themselves for both our benefit as I tried to do for 20 yearsrolleyes.gif

    I've learned my lesson now and it won't take long to recognize a loozer!dry.gif

    But to answer your question about turning gay lol I just can't swing that way, too much testosteronebiggrin.gif

  7. This might be a question you've already been asked and if so, I apologize.....are you getting court-ordered child support from him for her? If not, I would heavily, heavily suggest you do that. Force the bastard to pay. That way she's guaranteed to get Christmas presents from him.

    I can vouch for one thing, I was court ordered to pay spousal and child support directly to my ex and everything was hunky dory until I got sick and ran out of leave.

    I fell behind about a month and a half until my leave donations from co-workers made it through the system then I caught up all of my obligations.

    Then some Einstein (I'm guessing her lawyer) decided to let the dept. of social services take over the payment collection and I was served notice on the 18th of this month then recieved a letter dated on the 19th that I was delinqent and in arears on my payment WTF?blink.gif

    The letter said they would put a lean on everything I own, earn up to and including any sperm bank accounts of record. Louisiana doesn't F%#k around when it comes to child support and they will go back to the childs date of birth and you will owe interests, penalty and any legal fees

    and if your excuse is you don't have a job they will give you one!yesnod.gifrtfm.gifblack_eye.gif

  8. I got a call from my Dad in WA today. He was having trouble swallowing solid food and finally went to the doctor to have tests done. He was told he has cancer of the esophogas at the point where it connects to the stomach. They will be doing furthur tests to find out how extensive it may be and what way his treatments and/or surgury may go. Puts life in perspective as to what is important.

    My prayers are with you and your family.sad.gifconsole.gif

    It may have been acid reflux that caused it, was he on Nexium?

    I'm on it even though I never had acid reflux because it helps with a lot of other ailments, I was taking Maalox and Milk of magnesia and it was tearing me up.

    I finally got my Nexium script refilled and over night it was like night and day.

    I hope everything works out for him, maybe a resection is in store if it hasn't spread much.

    Yes it does give one a whole new perspective on a lot of things.

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