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  1. The20Allman.jpg

    If there is a band that I love as much as Led Zeppelin, it is the Allman Brothers Band. I think that Duane Allman is the most underrated guitarist- part of the magic of discovering them was finding out just how good he was and yet I'd never really heard of him before. Besides being a world class finger style soloist, he was absolutely the greatest slide guitarist who ever lived- the Jimi Hendrix of slide.

    I plan on posting a link to an Allman Brothers video once a week or so- this is one of the greatest live bands ever, after all. I'm going to start with the video that was played at their Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame induction ceremony. All the stuff at the beginning was added by somebody, but by the time it says ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND macon georgia that's what it is. This video was made with two different films of Duane Allman (the only ones of decent quality that are known to exist), plus clips from other eras and still photos. A good intro for someone who doesn't know the band too well, and just a plain cool vid for those who do:

    The Allman Brothers Band HOF Video

    As many of you will know, this lineup up of the band was tragically short lived, with Duane and Bassist Berry Oakley dying in eerily similar motorcycle crashes in 71 and 72. But the band had their greatest chart success in 73, and since 1989 have been featuring musicians of the highest quality to fill Duane and Berry's shoes. To hold down a chair in the ABB is to be one of the very best- they don't care how you look or act, just if you can play, play, play.


    This collage features a picture of every ABB guitarist from 1969 to the present. If you don't know who any of these guys are, come to this thread and find out! Each one of them is a virtuoso of the highest caliber.

    I've seen the band play live over 20 times since 1994 with different lineups. And I can tell you this- each one of them the set list was completely different, and each time the show was completely different- always good, sometimes stellar! Just what I love about Led Zeppelin live.

    So who else out there loves the Brothers? Stop by the thread and eat a peach!

    Hi Magic,

    I'm going to send you on a mistycal trip back thru time

    To a place on the Mississippi where we all drank our wine

    This is where my journey began

    As a lifetime Allman Brothers fan.

    Some pics from the near infamous "Warehouse" New Orleans, LA




    Photos by sydney smith

    More to come I want to give others time to post Enjoy! :beer:

  2. I saw him at my very first concert ever, it was the summer of 1975.

    He was the second act after suzie quatro. for some of you younger folks suzie had a recurring role on "Happy Days" as fonzi's cousin leather tuscaderro. They opened the show for Alice Cooper Welcome to my Nightmare tour. It was at City Park Stadium

    in New Orleans, LA

    Every rocker since then, can thank ole Alice for getting my $$$

    I was so blown away by his performance I don't think I missed a single concert for the next 15 years. "Schools Out! Baby"

  3. I shopped FYE up until I started back at Uni - there's an independant chain "Graywhale CD Exchange" with a branch right off of campus that I use now. You can get so much greta stuff for dirt cheap used, and they havce the kind of records that big box stores never carry - the kind I'm looking for more and more these days.

    I'll still use FYE for DVD buys until my card there expires late this year.

    That's the key folks, if you live near a college or university and they have a record store near by that's where the deals are :thumbsup:

  4. If I were God I'd make it so kids weren't mean to each other.

    I hear ya, mean kids have parents that neglect them give them insecurities so they take their aggressions out on their peers. Or their parents smoked crack while carrying the child. :angry:

  5. I uploaded the photo on tinypic, and have copied the link to insert photos into forums. I tried to "Insert Image" when posting, but it didn't work. What did I do wrong? ARGHHH!

    When you click insert image, delete the http: then right click and paste the link

  6. I went to give some blood today and they told me I have to wait 6 months because of the AF. I have 'A Negative' which is kind of rare and they are always wanting me to donate, but they said that right now I need it more.

    So I missed out on the juice and cookies. :(

    And I'm feeling just fine these days.

    Go Packers!!


    Good luck and good health to ya ;)

    I have a camp down the road from Brett's folks in Kiln, never met him though.

    I'm a Saints fan but always pull for the Pack when we're not playing them.

  7. Well...I wouldn't care about it if it weren't so damned smelly! :lol:

    Especially if it didn't happen when I had my head in his lap or near is butt! Or at the dinner table...

    he used to have manners...then seven years went by. ROFL

    Not to mention the burping while talking. :rolleyes:

    He thinks he's cute. Seriously. :rolleyes:


    Jurasic Fart

  8. Well...I wouldn't care about it if it weren't so damned smelly! :lol:

    Especially if it didn't happen when I had my head in his lap or near is butt! Or at the dinner table...

    he used to have manners...then seven years went by. ROFL

    Not to mention the burping while talking. :rolleyes:

    He thinks he's cute. Seriously. :rolleyes:


    A true Coonass lol :lol:

  9. Fortunately we have many mom & pop shops to find music at.

    Here are a few that have websites.





    The last one is mostly local and regional Blues,jazz,local indie rock etc..

    My favorite place to go is the "Mushroom" 1037 Broadway New Orleans LA 504-866-6065

    They're located next to Loyola and Tulane Universities, students always selling cd's so theres always a good turnover. The store is on the second floor so their inventory was spared the wrath of God. They carry a lot of imports and new stuff as well.

  10. Is this a joke, or is it for real?

    If its real, tell me about it. My boyfriend grew up in New Orleans and he'd be interested to hear about it. He graduated from Slidell High School 1989. :D His grandmother owned a house on Octavia street.


    Yes, it's a photo shop job. That's Lee Circle with the monument of

    General Robert E Lee removed and a large sink drain in it's place.

    After a little time passed after Katrina a lot of funny pix started surfacing like this.

  11. Well I believe it's a no win situation. No matter which candidate gets elected, they won't do a damn thing for the working people in this country. Accept maybe bring down our wages because they refuse to secure the borders.

    Kinda like a "No Pee-ing Section" in a swimming pool. :rant:

  12. My sister lived in Chalmette in the early 70s and raved about Black Oak Arkansas and a club called The Warehouse in New Orleans.

    Said she caught them everytime they played there.

    I bought my first BOA record on this recommendation around 1973.

    Love Hot And Nasty and Uncle `Lijah!

    Jim Dandy!

    I have a brick from the warehouse, picked up after they demolished the building.

    "Club" isn't an accurate description though, the title speeks for it'self lol.


    Source of Photo vvv

    sidney smith

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