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  1. I have often thought about about how fabulous it would be to go down to New Orleans and run into Robert Plant. I know he hangs down there, and loves it.

    I've never been there......Sad.......so many places, so little time (and $)

    Well Hell, Com'on down the city is kickin' Mardi-Gras will be Feb. 5 this year but you can start catching the parades as soon as the last week of Jan. Never Know who you'll run into. If the weather is nice should be the biggest since the storm. Plenty of stars hang'n out down here. Our latest neighbors are Brad and Angelina if your a fan.


  2. No I had cancer and it was on the fourth stage when the doctor told me i had cancer I couldn't believe it and I thought I would be healthy all my life and I didn't know until I was 36.I started to feel ill around that age and so I finally went to the doctor and it was in my cervix but i didn't have to get chemotherapy only surgery!!!!!!!!!!!!!i am so happy but still revovering i shouldn't really be talking about thi on the internet it is too personal.But i don't mind sharing it with you guys.I still am in shock that I had cancer.so i went home told one my my friends that were there at the time so called friends he died but helped me took cre of me in my early stages of the surgery when I had it done I had it done twice.I am starting to feel better i thought i was going to die too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My dad died of lung cancer.

    Sharon Osbourne had cancer too and she recovered really alot easier then I did.I am so happy she recovered too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!She had it alot easier then me but she is a rich woman so that's why.it is not easy to recover from an illness when you have nothing.No money.

    :o 4th stage!

    I caught mine at stage 1, took me 8 weeks to get back to work and still not 100%

    been 2yrs 9mnths, hang in there girl.

    God bless you, hope you get well.

  3. Personally, when I'm at home and in audiophile mode, I'll put my 200 gram vinyl masters on through my "hi-fi" (remember when they called it that? :lol: ).

    If they do release another remaster, I'll buy it, but mostly for the packaging and the candy (are you listening Jimmy?). :whistle:

    Mostly, CDs are (for me) for casual listening (on the Walkman, at a party, in the truck, etc). Call me crazy (or just old fashioned), but when I want to truly immerse myself in the music, it's the warmth of vinyl that calls. Even if I can't hear that squeaky pedal! :lol:

    There's an organic atmosphere there that digital has not yet delivered.

    From another post I wrote

    Zeppelin Survived When the Levee Broke

    QUOTE (zepsteve @ Jan 2 2008, 01:22 AM) post_snapback.gifi love the clarity of the cd but i miss playing my albums i gotta get anther record player B)

    Katrina took my cd collection, the electrolytes in salt water have a way of ruining digitals, but guess what! my vinyl save for the jackets, carefully cleaned off the muck and pulled the ole sansui from the attic and first song "When the Levee Breaks" kinda ironic


  4. Why do the US fans feel that they deserve a tour? Are you all better than any other Zeppelin fans in the world?

    What's with all the US bashing on the internet? Sure we have an ass for a boss but if yungins would take the time to break out a history book you would understand if not for the good ole USA most of us would be speaking German or Jappanese, :watchingyou: turds!

    98,500 tix refunded 3 days before show date, this is where they left off


  5. Here's my story and I'm sticking to it :beer: From another post


    I was at this show as well, didn't think I was destined to see Zeppelin though. As a previous poster said, we had to stand in line outside the assembly center box office in the freezing sleet and rain to get tickets my feet were frozen and the crowds were crazy, bending steel barricades, jumping off the box office roof to get out after getting their tickets. Me and a bunch of friends spent the night in two vans in the parking lot the night before. Like to froze to death. The next day while in line near the the box office window, I remember turning around just in time to see one of my friends smack a parked car with his van right in front of the assembly center now called the P-Mac for Pistol Pete Maravitch. After a postponed show, the day we left for the show in March my car breaks down, my friend and I left the piece of crap and hitch hiked the rest of the way to Baton Rouge. Ended up catching a ride with two guys going to the show as well. Our lucky day NOT! these guys were blitzed. Well as soon as we caught sight of the assembly center, we said "we'll get out here" and walked the few blocks away. Kept my stub for the show many years, then one day I was on ebay and saw people, collectors I presume, buying Zeppelin stubs for big bux. Guess what my first ebay sale was? Hope The guys aren't mad at me. After all I went through to see them I worked for those tickets.

    If you guys ( Jimmy, Robert, John and Jason ) read this, I hope you go on tour again and stop by New Orleans again, you guys are still the "HAMMER of the GODS! " down here.

    I caught your show in 94 at lake front arena .We were blown away" Hurdy-gurdie "

  6. Mobile, Alabama May 13, 1973.....UP FRONT!!!!!....was looking up at Jimmy.......got an unused ticket to Louisianna Superdome July 30, 1977......this is where Plant came into New Orleans hotel and found out Karac had died.......and end of US touring. See link.


    I'm glad you posted that, I couldn't remember what year that New Orleans show was.

    I had a pair of tickets for that show as well but turned them in for a refund. I know it said no refund but they did refund for that show. From what I heard reported in the media, up until 3 days before show date they had sold 98,500 tix. Stones hold the Dome record at 89,586

    I did however see them May 19, 1977 in Baton Rouge and caught the Page/Plant tour in 94 at UNO Lake front arena, that show Rocked as well.

  7. yeah he died while Zeppelin was touring the US in 77.... that's why what was left of the tour was canceled and Robert retreated into seclusion for the next year or so

    Actually his son died in 1980 I remember because I had tickets to see them in New Orleans that May and 3 days before the show date they cancelled the show and in september John died an that was that.

  8. February 13

    Peter Gabriel

    Field: Music

    Info: Founding member of the band Genesis, later had a solo career, songs include "Solsbury Hill", "Sledgehammer", and "Steam"

    Peter Tork

    Field: Music

    Info: Member of the band The Monkees

    Some other folks born on Feb. 13

    David Naughton

    Field: Entertainment

    Info: He starred in the movie "An American Werewolf in London" and and played Jack Kincaid in the TV series "My Sister Sam", he starred in Dr. Pepper's popular "Be a Pepper" TV commercials where he danced and proudly proclaimed "I'm a pepper"

    Bo Svenson

    Field: Entertainment

    Info: He has appeared in the movies "The Great Waldo Pepper" and "North Dallas Forty" and the TV series "Walking Tall"

    Jerry Springer

    Field: Entertainment

    Info: Host of a sleazy TV talk show, former mayor of Cincinnatti

    Mike Krzyzewski

    Field: Sports

    Info: Longtime basketball coach at Duke University, known as Coach K, his teams have won three NCAA championships

    Stockard Channing

    Field: Entertainment, Theater

    Info: Played Rizzo in the movie "Grease", star of the TV series "The Stockard Channing Show", plays the First Lady on the TV series "The West Wing", she's had many successful Broadway roles

    George Segal

    Field: Entertainment

    Info: Starred in the movies "The Duchess and the Dirtwater Fox", "Rollercoaster", and "Fun with Dick and Jane", played Jack Gallo in the TV series "Just Shoot Me!"

    Kim Novak

    Field: Entertainment

    Info: Starred in "Picnic", "Vertigo", "Pal Joey" and other movies

    Geoff Edwards

    Field: Entertainment

    Info: Host of the TV game show "Jackpot" in the 1970s

    Dorothy McGuire

    Field: Music

    Info: One of the singing McGuire Sisters, very popular in the 1950s, they sang "Sugartime" and other songs

    see also Phyllis McGuire and Christine McGuire

    Chuck Yeager

    Field: Exploration, Military

    Info: US Air Force test pilot, he was the first human being to break the sound barrier, on October 14, 1947 he reached Mach 1.06 in the X-1 rocket plane

    Eileen Farrell

    Field: Music

    Info: Versatile opera, pop, and jazz singer, known for her big voice and down-to-earth style

    Tennessee Ernie Ford

    Field: Music

    Info: Country music singer, he had a big hit with "Sixteen Tons", he was host of "The Ford Show" on TV for five years

    Patty Berg

    Field: Sports

    Info: Golfer, she won 15 major tournaments and was a founding member of the LPGA

    Eddie Robinson

    Field: Sports

    Info: Football coach, he racked up 408 wins in 56 years as head coach at Grambling State University

    William Shockley

    Field: Science

    Info: Co-inventor of the transistor, won the Nobel Prize for Physics

    William Dozier

    Field: Entertainment

    Info: As well as serving as co-producer of the campy 1960s TV series "Batman" he was also the inimitable narrator of the show, famous for asking viewers to "tune in next week, same bat-time, same bat-channel"

    Bess Truman

    Field: Politics

    Info: Former First Lady of the US, wife of US president Harry Truman

    I'm just a wealth of useless information lol : )

  9. Well no encounters here yet, and there was as good a chance as any to bump into them here in New Orleans as Jimmie's son went to school down here. I believe they may even own some real estate down here. Don't know what their status would be now after the storm, a lot has changed since then although the uptown area was spared major damage from the flooding for the most part.

    I think the celebs like it down here because they can walk amongst the common folks with out being constantly hounded.

    Always keeping an eye out.

    Maybe we can get one of them to be King Bacchus one year for Mardi-Gras

  10. I think if they were to use an opening act, they might consider something region specific. For instance here in New Orleans they might use a local band like Cowboy Mouth or Better than Ezra or maybe a local Blues or Jazz band. Other groups have gone this route.

    I was fortunate enough to see them in 77 in Baton Rouge with no opening act. In 1980 there was a show planed for the Super Dome that was postponed when Plants son died that was eventually canceled. Get this, it was general admission and 3 days before show day they had already sold 98,500 tickets and counting. By the way the Stones hold the Dome record with 89,586. I had 4 tix which I had to return for a refund. :o I did catch the Page/Plant show in 94 at U.N.O. Lake front arena, closest thing to a Zep concert I could have imagined DAMN! they Rocked the Roof off the place, and that band that played with them from Egypt the guy with the Hurdy-Gurdie that was freakin wild.

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