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  1. Dzldoc

    Hi Folks

    Welcome to the forum, alot of great folks around here
  2. Dzldoc

    Photos !

    Wow! that is an awsome shot there ^
  3. Same thing that has made me unhappy everyday for the last two years... My sick ex-wifes unrelenting pursuit to sabotage any chance I have of having an ongoing relationship with my son She really has his head "F#%KED UP!
  4. Hi Aqua, I'll assume that was at the NO arena? I had tix and was planning to go but my broken rib is still bothering me and would have been uncomfortable sitting up in those stadium seats so I sold my tickets at the last minute I'm glad you enjoyed the show, I saw Clapton at the HOB in NO back in 96? An all acoustical set when he had released his all blues album. Like you said he let's the guitar speak for him.
  5. How about Journey faithfully, open arms? Jefferson Starship You can count on me I'm sure you will get plenty more suggrestions BTW Congratulations
  6. Dzldoc

    hey there!

    Welcome to the forum young man Great place for Zep and non Zep info Plenty of nice folks on here to chat with
  7. Ditto! Even though it was a short week with pres.day mon and mardi-gras tues I'm ready for some more rest!
  8. May your happiness be everlasting
  9. "I'm from Joisey! Are you from Joisey? hehehe
  10. Dzldoc


    Welcome to the forum JC
  11. "Don't Sweat the Petty Stuff and Always Pet the Sweaty Stuff"~Unknown
  12. How much did you lose?
  13. Thanx bro! Dealing with some personal issues hope to get back to posting soon!?
  14. I agree ally, when you hear that screeching it makes you want to holler "My god somebody get it off of her! " And the guy from rush just makes me want to stick my fingers in my ears and go lalalalalalala!
  15. Dzldoc


    About the time they stopped having real music performances
  16. Nice photos Staci I agree that you have to ignore the negative attitude people, they will suck the life out of you if you let them. Keep everything on a positive note, screw the haters let them wallow in their own worthlessness Peace Charlie
  17. Hi Staci welcome to the forum.

    Nice photo albums you have there.

    Hope you enjoy the forum as much as I have and there are some really nice folks here and many great threads about zep as well as non zep related.

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