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  1. Your pics are much better than mine :D but I thought the show was great also, though I didn't have any problem with Clapton not talking much--he's always been that way, I'm sure there was nothing wrong when you saw him. He's not a showman, he's a guitarist--I just don't think he's into working the audience like a Jagger or a Springsteen. He was certainly in fine form last night, anyway. He lets his fingers do the talking, which is what I was there for! Too bad you didn't feel you got your money's worth. :(

    (He did do one Cream song, Badge.)

    Hi Aqua,

    I'll assume that was at the NO arena?

    I had tix and was planning to go but my broken rib is still bothering me and would have been uncomfortable sitting up in those stadium seats so I sold my tickets at the last minute :(

    I'm glad you enjoyed the show, I saw Clapton at the HOB in NO back in 96?

    An all acoustical set when he had released his all blues album.

    Like you said he let's the guitar speak for him. :D

  2. Just a few short hours and the weekend will be here! :cheer: It's been a rather frustrating week; glad to put this one behind me.


    Even though it was a short week with pres.day mon and mardi-gras tues

    I'm ready for some more rest!

  3. I went to see Randy Jacksons acoustic show last night. It was an all nighter as we caught up on old times and his family, who he adores.

    He had seven, yes 7 standing ovations. He did a 3 hour show and did his own music of Zebra, He did a version of No Quarter and SIBLY to name a few that was amazing. He did The Beatles, Elton John, Moody Blues, George Harrison and a few other. It was great to catch up with him and to hear his music. I tell you this man can hold the high notes and can play a guitar with the best!

    You have to see him live to understand. I was seated 4 feet from him and enjoyed every moment!

    Here is picture of us:


    You Go HomeGirlthumbsup.gif

  4. This was probably one of the worst Superbowls I've ever seen. I just couldn't get into it. Even the commercials were lame this year. I will be very curious to see the ratings.


    How much did you lose?

  5. Thanks to all for your wishes.


    YEAH BABY!!!!!!!!!!!

    My son is on Bourbon right now in the middle of the celebration. My phone is ringing off the hook!!!!!


  6. Brothers&Sisters!

    Yes,it would be nice if we could have an 'offical' Led Zeppelin convention! B) If any of you are ever in the Boston area,give me a shout!We could have a clam bake! :wave:


    Thanx bro!

    Dealing with some personal issues hope to get back to posting soon!?

  7. Yep, especially when they attempt songs that are nothing more than vocal exercises. I've heard cow's mooo better ohmy.gif

    I agree ally, when you hear that screeching it makes you want to holler "My god somebody get it off of her!ohmy.gif "laugh.gif

    And the guy from rush just makes me want to stick my fingers in my ears and go lalalalalalala!rolleyes.gif

  8. it seems to me that "the system" is set up to destroy people like her. It's almost as if the civil libertarians have intentionally set up conditions designed to prevent people like her from getting help. That is not only my opinion. It is the opinion of one of the top mental health professionals in the US, whom I know personally. He told me that in direct reference to my friend.

    If she is truly documented as having a mental illness then she would get all the help she needs and then some, it's called "SSDI"

    Is she a legal citizen? Has she worked in the recent past?

    Now for the question of the day, if you have to ask I would say NO!

    If you don't want your place to smell like a litterbox I would say NO!

    If you don't want your favorite piece of furnurature shredded to pieces I would say NO!

    Basically if you don't want your home detroyed I would say NO!

    I don't say this to be mean, I love animals and have had dogs and cats all of my life until now mainly due to the fact I can't care for them right now so it wouldn't be good for the animal. The rest is just 50 years of experience so if you can't devote a major part of your time to caring for your pet then you shouldn't get one.

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