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  1. We used to get Mr. Natural blotter, with Mr. Natural printed on the squares. :thumbsup:

    Glad I got thru that phase quick! :lol:

    I still have my freak brothers and mr natural comics :D

  2. Millions of people obssessing over a show with a bunch of candy-store pop artists, then voting for a victor and then sitting at home on election night because they don't know the issues or candidates scares the hell out of me yes.

    Also, William Hung.

    It's the dumbing down of America :rolleyes:

    I remember an episode of Leno's J-Walking he asked this woman "Who lives at 1400 Pensylvania ave?" she replied I've no idea, then Leno said here's a hint the leader of the free world her reply was still I don't know! Leno then asked who lives in a pinapple at the bottom of the sea? She immediately replied "SpongeBob!" and seemed so proud she knew that! :lol:

  3. What are you, a professional bureaucrat? If there is an ability and a need, bring the F'n resources to bear. If you really want to haggle over definitions, temporarily redefine some FEMA resources and keep moving. If this were half way around the world, I might not suggest FEMA resources be used. But Haiti is less than 300 miles from the US.

    They were able to run training exercises in New York on 9/11/01. Well here is a real training exercise. Get the fuck down there and learn something. And at the same time, save some lives!

    You know it's easy to be an armchair quarterback, if you are so concerned that more should/could be done then you should slide away from that computer and hop on the next plane of volunteers and see if you can do more to help.smile.gif

  4. Hey bud you ever been to the NO Jazz Fest?

    Helluva line up this year. Last year I think one of your favs Drive by Truckers made an appearence.

    Haven't gone through the entire line up for this year but just the big ones would make it worth the trip.

    If I get my full land legs back in time I think I'll make at least one weekend

  5. Yeah baby!! Who Dat!!!! :cheer:

    The Quarter is going to be lit this weekend!

    They may come from the land of ice and snow

    but they are going to be thunderstruck! when they

    enter our dome :D

    Guess who King Bachus is this year? :whistling:

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