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  1. Until one has lived through it or seen it first hand, it is difficult to fathom what these people are going through.

    The country was in dire straits before the quake, still suffering from hurricane Gustave.

    This is not about politics, it's about 'Human Beings" we as a race must be morally obligated to help one another least we be barbarians.

  2. Having watched a few minutes of American Idol on Tuesday, I realize there will be some big boots to fill next season from Cowell's departure.

    Nominations are now open, and I do hope FOX pays attention to the intelligentsia that permeates this forum. Consider no nomination off limits.

    Chef Gordon Ramsay. Need I say more?

    Lol the same person that popped into my mind :D

    or maybe Denis Leary ? He could put a humorus twist on

    "YOU SUCK!" :lol:

    or how about Robert DeNiro? You talkin' to me? Get the f#%k outa heya!

  3. Having a nice lunch at Cheesecake Factory with my daughter and one of my sisters... checking out ice skating rinks, and signing our daughter's up for lessons... first one this Sunday! Picking out a karate (Kenpo/kickboxing/self defense) studio to send my daughter... as soon as the end of dance season in June. An appointment to register for summer camp/swim club for me and my daughter this Monday. Loving the idea of juggling so many activities and watching which ones she excels in! Seven days off after working this weekend!

    Have you ever used one of these?huh.gifbiggrin.gif



  4. If this is recent, and by your comments seems to be, great to see you with him :-)

    Thanks Deb!

    The day after Christmassmile.gif

    Here's one of my daughter and I at Christmas. We just had a huge blow out, so, I needed to post something that reminds me of happier times!! The joys of 13!!

    Great photo Krissmile.gif Don't worry they will come around, we all went through it when we were youngwink.gif

  5. L I T T E R !

    outside my local supermarket

    There's probably a trash can right on the corner too?

    I've seen people here pull into a shopping center parking lot and procede to unload their car of a weeks worth of trash (McDonald's etc...) lazy ass peopledry.gif

  6. I voted atheist, but I sometimes wonder if that isn't a word religious people invented and use to nail down those who don't see things their way, sort of the way global warmers use the word skeptic.

    huh.gif And what may I ask will you do about all of that "SMOKE!" when you are burning in "HELL!" funny_devil.giflaugh.gif JK

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