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  1. Just a little update~ My 3rd ct scan and blood work all came back normal So once again I want to "Thank You" everyone for your support. Now let's "ROCK ON FOREVER!"
  2. And for emergencies! If you break down on the road somewhere and you have young children, gets pretty cold up your way.
  3. I had to think about it a bit because so much has happen in my life during this decade I wanted to put the timeline together as best as I could. Y2K pfft uneventful, then September 11, 2001 the world pretty much change for ever. The next 3 years were actually great years for me. I was working at a satellite facility 7 miles from home and had no managers breathing down my neck, I bought my first Harley and brought my son to Disney world for the first time, there was plenty of OT to be had if you wanted it and the economy was doing pret ty well at the time. Then things slowly began to change profoundly like a bad dream. First there was a falling out with management and they closed the satellite facility and I had to drive across town to the main garage. Then May 05 I was first diagnosed with stage one colon cancer then just getting back to work and August 29, 2005 Hurricane Katrina nearly destroyed my Home and town. Took almost 2 years for the insurance co to settle up and don't get me started on FEMA. Then the wife lost her mind and walked out and divorced me after being together for 28 years. In the middle of all this chaos I had a recurrence and was diagnosed with stage two colon cancer except that it had metastized to my liver. Have to tell you chemo is hell on earth. After 2 ct scans all is clear and I will be going this week for the 3rd so that part is looking good but the chemo is still giving me troubles and I finished my tratments 3rd week of October. With all that said don't know how this decade could be worse?
  4. Welcome, keep low and put on your helmet j/k enjoy the forum
  5. Hey Dan, I had one of those models for 28 years and the damn thing never worked! The bill kept coming like clockwork and useless un-needed features kept getting added to it with out my knowlege. Never could get it's bell to ring, hell couldn't even get it to vibrate a little it just laid there It couldn't spell worth a damn so texting was out then one day it just disappeared and took the sim cards with it. Oh yeah the bill still comes like clockwork
  6. Yes but they sat out the starters in the last game and everyone is 0-0 now! It could go to anyone And one more thing! don't let the noisiest fans in the NFL get going
  7. Dzldoc


    And you have a very nice mom as well
  8. The sooner the better young lady, don't wait until you have no choice. You know what i'm saying? Good luck
  9. Ok, sort of like PBS except instead of asking for donations for funding you all are taxed?
  10. Dzldoc


    paying attention to details?
  11. Dzldoc

    Top 5's

    Top 5 pieces of paper
  12. You might want to wear a helmet too! (incase you slip and bump your head!) j/k oh! and my second anniversary on this great forum, hope i'm around for the next two
  13. Oh! I forgot to mention it's hands free too!
  14. Really! What's up with that? Have no fear "YouTube" is here! http://www.youtube.c...es+Paul+Chasing If you're interested in the DVD http://www.lespaulfilm.com/
  15. Happy Birthday JPJ. How about that it coincides with my 2nd year on the forum How's it going MSG nice to see you around.
  16. What's the matter Chicago can't take that southern wind chill?
  17. http://www.youtube.c...feature=related This is an awesome video with great audio and video for 1973 Country Side of Life Wet Willie
  18. Congatulations DOC that was a great game
  19. Haven't been out in a while but I hear Frenchman is up and kickin' again
  20. So that would put you in Bywater? Marigny?
  21. Goin' Home a Tribute to the Fat Man (you might take note of a certain singer that contributed to the album)
  22. Never thought I would say it but yay Bears!
  23. As long as the carpet is cheaper than the wine
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