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  1. RIP Chris Henry

    He had a troubled past, but his future was looking brighter. He was just one of the NFL thugs, but was trying to turn his life around. How will the Bengals, who are on a major comeback this year, handle their game against San Diego on Sunday? They will be wearing Chris' number 15 on their helments. Good Luck to the Bengals. Let's end the season on a winning streak!

    The local news had a story on him since he was from this neck of the woods.

  2. I have a feeling the Colts will remain perfect tonight. Then again.....

    I thought they were playing Saturday opposite the Saints on NFL Network?huh.gif

    Guess I read wrongslapface.gif

  3. A while back a girl asked me about a guy who was keen on meeting her. She e-mailed me his username and asked what I saw.. I immediately got a bad feeling and saw that he was dangerous and told her that she would have an extremely bad time, and that rape was in his plans and their was a chance of murder. She decided not to go meet him. A few weeks later that person was arrested for raping a girl he met on line and is the suspect in the murder of another girl he met online. I have helped other girls avoid such tragedies butt to see the guy arrested in the news and to have her confirm that it was him makes doin what I do all the more fun!!!

    Do you have the ability to pick out the gold diggers and fatal attractions?huh.gif

  4. Hi Doc,

    Where did you find that one mate? fcuking hilarious, whish he was around when i was younger, bet you do too? ;)

    Regards, Danny

    Hey Dan

    a friend emailed me one of his rants about Christmas postage stamps, that one was pretty funny too.

    If you go on you tube just search for "The kid from Brooklyn" he has a bunch of vids on there and I guess he has his own site as well but I haven't been on it.

    I'm waiting for his heart to explode lol.

  5. Day 16 without smokes. B)

    I have to agree with the unusual turn. This certainly wasn't planned. I like to smoke, and money was never a concern. I was seriously contemplating going the 'roll your own' route. In another strange twist, Michigan just passed a public smoking law that takes effect May 1st....so I have some extra motivation to keep this up. I had one tough moment where I could have literally put my fist thru a cinder block wall, but that's about it. Now if I can just stay away from Ben & Jerry's, I'll be alright.

    Most smokers are very loyal to their brands. I smoked Newports for over 25 years, quit for a year, and took up Marlboro Reds. I think I figured it would be easier to quit again if I smoked something else, especially non-menthol. It never worked out that way, and I honestly think Marlboros are harder to quit than other cigarettes. Apparently there is an additive that reacts with sugar, giving you a stronger urge to smoke, at least that's the rumor on the streets.

    I have yet to meet anyone over 65 that smoked Newports. Anyone ? Seriously, I think they're all dead.

    Good luck with that man, I've been smoke free since the first week of March which was a week before my surgery.

    I don't know if it helped being in the hospital on morphine for a week or not but it was one of the best things I've ever done in my life.

    I've found that there are still times when the thought of smoking enters my mind and it's usually when I'm doing something that I would smoke while doing. Sometimes it helps to change your routine and think of other things when they enter your mind.

    The longer you are away from them the more discusting they become so I can understand where non smokers are coming from.

    Your sense of smell and taste will change as time goes by especially your sense of smell.

    You will have to do a thorough cleaning of your house and some things you will just throw away.

    If you were a heavy smoker and smoked in your house and have ceiling fans you will have to replace them.

    I had a smell I couldn't get rid of and it turned out that the fan motor was caked up with nicotine.

    That crap get on and in everything.

    Again good luck.

  6. thanks tangerine. and thankyou for always being so thoughtful and interested. it feels nice! you and ninelives are always there with a friendly post!

    i bet you can't wait for christmas day with your daughter. any plans? do you have to work?

    i am working an earlier shift than previous years this christmas eve, which will be so nice. in the past, i always had to work the latest shift, which was till 11 or 12 pm when the shop shuts, to do all the cleaning up etc. i would go home, do the santa thing and fall into bed at about 2am and have to get up early with my son. this year i will be finishing about 4pm, so i can do last minute shopping, have dinner at home, a few drinks .... just like normal people! lol

    This is great news Julie :)

    it's always nice to be able to spend time with your kids especially at Christmas time.

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