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  1. Can't you see~Marshall Tucker Band
  2. After last weeks OT win. Craziest Fans On the Planet! Saints 26 Dirty Birds 23 Saints 13-0
  3. I'll share mine with you http://forums.ledzep...post__p__428643
  4. 4" + rain fall at the airport = 2 feet of water in front of my house! and the rain is still falling come on pumps
  5. Pine is bad for a brick fireplace, that's what causes house fires, you need cured oak or what I use is those immitation logs. They burn themselves out and don't cause soot build up ofcourse mine is a metal insert type so I won't have the fire hazard anyhow
  6. Thanks ladies, there's some kinda stomach bug going around. I had it last weekend
  7. My little boy was ill today so I didn't get to have my visitation
  8. One of the strangest funniest videos I've ever seen
  9. More tech gadgets! Thinking about getting one of these 27" gadgets for Christmas. http://www.apple.com/imac/features.html
  10. Hear Hear! Keep away from that evil plastic, it will suck the life out of you
  11. Dzldoc


    That brand fits me too snug I only need one, after all I've been through this year it's probably all I can handle. Not quite at the top of my game yet and I want to live for a couple more decades
  12. Not to mention he was a union scab! Heard the Mother-n-Law was taken to the hospital this morning anyone heard anything?
  13. I took this video of my fireplace and added some music but for some reason the track bleeds into 2 tracks It took so damn long to upload I didn't bother to try and fix it, maybe you can turn it down and just enjoy the fire, would make a nice screen saver for the holiday if you don't have a fireplace just put it into loop mode.
  14. Dzldoc


    Knowing your true age might shed a little light on your thought processs, hope you don't forget to entertain this idea I may be in the sack with one of your girl friends this weekend
  15. Dzldoc


    I prefer to think of it as common sense and unless your British or Aussie the term "mates" is an oxy-moron because you should only have one mate!
  16. Dzldoc

    This or That

    Red wine Dark chocolate or milk chocolate?
  17. I'm far from being a motörhead but it pays the bills infact I've worked on nearly every type of vehicle or piece of equipment known to man save for the space shuttle and I nearly went to work for michoud, that I'm at a point in my life where I'm about ready to roll my tool chest to the top of the Mississippi River Bridge and shove them off If you read through some of my past posts you'll see there is a softer side to me as well.
  18. Dzldoc


    If you want to depend on stats to protect you good luck! A lot of statistics get buried
  19. Dzldoc


    ...Any questions? Kept this ole boy in port for 20+ years even though I'm straight AIDS doesn't discriminate
  20. Dzldoc

    iphone 3G

    You can thank the church of Steve Jobs for that! AT&T made a deal with the devil. However having said that, when they first came out you didn't have to sign a contract to actually buy the phones and I made a butt load of money off of buying them and re-selling them to the europeans (mostly Germany) at a nice profit and paid off the bill pocketed a nice knot and kept a free phone for myself
  21. Seemed as though he was pushing for it and wanted to see how far he would get?
  22. Well opposed to those who's family came over "on" the Mayflower mine came over clinging to the hull. So just a bunch of fruits and nuts on my branches
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