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  1. Had to look him up, remarkable resemblance. He's a cutie isn't he? Bet Jimmy would have liked to get his hands on this jacket back in the day: And neck: Skinny guitarists with long, dark curly hair, sigh.
  2. That's Jimmy's head on George Harrison's bod, it's been floating around for years like that, don't know why someone bothered, there is plenty of luscious beardies for those inclined. Here's what it's from: Scrumptiousness:
  3. I'd been hoping someone would do caps of these as I can't do caps on my computer, and I love this on the dvd.
  4. Photo more appropriate for the Robert & Jimmy together thread but it does have the vest... The gig was determined to be the Boston Tea Party, May27, 28, or 29, 1969 by the Hotel, their evidence was plentiful so absolutely belive them. A little washed out but he's wearing the vest again, don't know the gig.
  5. This site has many views of the reproduction Black Beauty which is "a painstaking recreation of that iconic instrument." Should give you some ideas. http://guitarplayer.wordpress.com/category...-beauty-photos/ or courtesy of Halfin: Nice guitar...
  6. Totally want to shove the bimbo off his lap. Had to count the fingers for myself, sure looked like more than ten.
  7. Love the smile, love the hair, love the hands, love the pink couch (?) he's sitting on. Would go nicely in my living room.
  8. Danke OliJJ!, I hab' gedacht das es schade ist, das der watermark hat so schoen ein bilder scheiss gemacht. Wilkommen an dotcom, es ist toll dieser forum, am meistens alle die Leute sind sehr freundlich. Es gibt ein paar boese Leute aber man kann Sie ignorieren. Dein English is sehr gut, und hoffentlich mein Deutsh ist auch ok. Viel Spass!
  9. From Tokyo today: It's not fair to regular guys that at 64, this man still makes me melt.
  10. Just about everybody does. How many bazillions times have we heard Rap, Punk, etc dissed? It's personal taste and preference for what you are forced to listen to. Just because some people have rather strong reactions to country ie. nausea, anger, screaming (that's just me), doesn't mean I don't think anyone should listen to it. Just please not around me. Gallow's Pole is almost taken word for word from a very old English traditional song, and Bron-Yr-Aur totally reminds me of traditional Celtic music. Most American bluegrass/folk can be traced directly back to Scottish and Irish traditional music. Makes sense when you think of where most of the hillbillys came from (Thank you discovery channel and NPR/Inland Folk). I guess contemporary Country started from those influences and just went in a totally different direction, kind of like the progression of rock from blues.
  11. Yeah, Blitzkrieg Bop, best punk song ever, IMO. Back to worsts - Richard Marx, Tears for Fears
  12. Singing: I'm all out of love... Lost In Love and I don't know much... Let it all out Levee, I'm finding this thread cathartic, although now I'm having flashbacks to junior high dances. Who did "Love is like oxygen? That's one I want erased from my memory
  13. It's Malia, luring you to the dark side...
  14. C'mon Joelmon, you know you wanna.
  15. Are we talking about cabaret, a type of music/performance, or cabernet a variety of red wine? Either gives me a headache
  16. If the white poppy suit is the second doll referred to above, I didn't include it because the manufacturers call it a "limited edition figurine," and are charging about $100 for it, pretty spendy for a cute "Little Jimmy." Hope your redneckville is as gorgeous as my redneckville(which is why I stay here) I'm with you on this one, there is some great new music out there, Dzldoc needs to look harder through all the BS, you're never going to find the good stuff on regular radio or mtv. And as for bands being merchandise machines, you are right, but at least some of them give us great music in return (except for Kiss).
  17. If it's true, which all tabloid crap is grossly exaggerated or fiction, then I'm glad to find I have something in common with Robert Plant. While sitting in a tavern with friends after drinking a few beers I said too loudly, after the 40th Garth/Kenny/Billy-Bob-Ray crap that was playing, "What is with this shit music, can't they play something good?" My friends got mad at me for being obnoxious but at least I didn't make the local rag. So both Robert and I are vocal about having to listen to music we don't like, when drinking.
  18. Anything country, I live in redneckville so it's easy to piss people off telling them to turn that shit off. Springsteen, boring Poison, Bon Jovi, Motley Crue, pretty much any hair band Kiss, why lord? And re: dolls, they couldn't make a Plant doll, too pornographic, but Jimmy is a freaking superhero so why not a doll. Rush Journey Ted Nugent This list could go on and on and on.
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