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  1. Had to look him up, remarkable resemblance. He's a cutie isn't he? Bet Jimmy would have liked to get his hands on this jacket back in the day: And neck: Skinny guitarists with long, dark curly hair, sigh.
  2. That's Jimmy's head on George Harrison's bod, it's been floating around for years like that, don't know why someone bothered, there is plenty of luscious beardies for those inclined. Here's what it's from: Scrumptiousness:
  3. Up the Kilt! Selective nudity is great, for instance an actual photo of the pissing man or Mrs Bigfloppybreasts would have brought up a little vomit. Apologies to the MC for the derailment.
  4. About as classy as the nude spread eagled woman sitting on a chair in your sig pic which is the equivalant of the trucker mud flap nude woman in terms of good taste. However 3HL's pissing guy and Ms. Bigfloppyboobs are IMO hilarious. Thanks for the laughs!
  5. I'd been hoping someone would do caps of these as I can't do caps on my computer, and I love this on the dvd.
  6. Photo more appropriate for the Robert & Jimmy together thread but it does have the vest... The gig was determined to be the Boston Tea Party, May27, 28, or 29, 1969 by the Hotel, their evidence was plentiful so absolutely belive them. A little washed out but he's wearing the vest again, don't know the gig.
  7. Found the reference to the Valkyrie movie, it was that cheeky Styrbjorn, but as a bonus somebody named "zepjap" had posted a snippet of info. Here's the posts: Search function comes in handy sometimes.
  8. I remember Halfin saying something about Jimmy being in a film so checked around his diary and found the bit: At the time, I thought it was Halfin making a reference to all the LZ will they/won't they drama, but that could provide a frame of reference. Conference was Jan 28th and Halfin's tidbit is Feb 13th, filmed sometime between those dates?
  9. My result: 80/100 points Damn, I thought I knew my New Wave better than that.
  10. This site has many views of the reproduction Black Beauty which is "a painstaking recreation of that iconic instrument." Should give you some ideas. http://guitarplayer.wordpress.com/category...-beauty-photos/ or courtesy of Halfin: Nice guitar...
  11. I know an old fart farmer named Fudge, yup that what his parents named him, also there is a dentist in town I've never been to I'm sure he's very gentle but his name is Dr. Savage.
  12. That look does sound very '80s preppy, you are young you can jazz it up a bit. The kanye suit is nice but a little matchy-matchy, I like the blazer/trousers separates look on guys, nice belt and shoes a must for semi-formal, tie optional. As for the shirt, that's where guys get to show off, an oxford is safe but dull, you're a zep-head, go for something wild, but no skulls. Have fun!
  13. Agreed Songbird, I want more. Page and Jones did well before taking on a couple of relative unknowns, might pay off again.
  14. Totally want to shove the bimbo off his lap. Had to count the fingers for myself, sure looked like more than ten.
  15. oceangal

    Page Sells Artwork

    If I owned such beautiful things I'd never sell them, but since most of my art I've bought at yard sales or thrift stores, and years ago e-bay, I'd probably let them go for a million.
  16. So no new dates announced, damn, I'm getting anxious to find out the West Coast dates so I can get time off. Our summer time off requests are due in March, Admin Nazis I work for like to control us peons. I'll keep checking back!
  17. In my good old days we yelled or applauded the high points and did a lot of grooving in between and saved singing along for special moments. Now just tend to tap my toes politely and hum if I can't restrain myself as I'm hard of hearing from too many loud concerts. Have asked screamers in the past to please stop screaming, but evidently they can't restrain themselves either. In my old age I have less tolerance for bad behavior so enjoy music at home or in the car, but I do miss the collective concert experience. God I sound like an old fart.
  18. Same here Cashmere, aside from being a guy in Oz. Have fun!
  19. Love the smile, love the hair, love the hands, love the pink couch (?) he's sitting on. Would go nicely in my living room.
  20. Danke OliJJ!, I hab' gedacht das es schade ist, das der watermark hat so schoen ein bilder scheiss gemacht. Wilkommen an dotcom, es ist toll dieser forum, am meistens alle die Leute sind sehr freundlich. Es gibt ein paar boese Leute aber man kann Sie ignorieren. Dein English is sehr gut, und hoffentlich mein Deutsh ist auch ok. Viel Spass!
  21. After lurking around this forum for a while I decided to join it because the members seemed to enjoy intelligent logical discussion, but also had threads of utter silliness which I love. As a new member I have never felt threatened or looked down on which is prevalent in other forums, as is illogical, vitriolic ranting and sniping, which can make one afraid to post. I don't enjoy that kind of behavior. I don't visit those forums. I had decided not to revisit this thread as further discussion seemed pointless. Jimmy said nothing will happen until fall and I find it exhausting to maintain that
  22. oceangal

    Jimmy's Pants

    Like a deer in the headlights when I saw these. Like I need another reason to stare at his ass!
  23. And I had been thinking to myself, "What the hell is Jimmy doing with a fake-n-bake tan?" I miss the glowingly pale Jimmy! The ruffled cuffs are lovely, a bit of a nod to the old flamboyance. Also just a thought. He is looking really good, fit, and dressing better, compared to the boring banker suits he has been wearing lately. I wouldn't put that much effort into a quick pimping trip, I think he's got something up his sleeve. Other than ruffles.
  24. He's a wiley one, that Jimmy Page, now they don't have to do anymore "announcements" until September. Let's just hope nobody breaks a hip before then!
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