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  1. sorry I know I dont write all that well.......boom/bash LOL......Ive just read about it alot
  2. lol that doesnt even make any sense. which version are you listening to???
  3. damn....3 & 4 as a double album would be killer...and they could leave off Hats Off to Roy Harper lol....make it the Immigrant B side and put Hey Hey on the album it self
  4. I picked the Wanton Song but its not on the list....thats a ROCKIN and very underrated song....this is a fun board, Im a freak for polls
  5. I know Chris is doing what you're supposed to do to a troll and ignoring you, and I dont blame him.....but I dont have that self control...lol...his 'place' looks like its superior to yours, youre ignorant. you never post anything useful or interesting.....he does a lot though....hes obviously a musician and youre OBVIOUSLY NOT...Chris could be less haughty (sp?) about it but Bonham DID sneak a lot of things in there and if you were actually listening youd hear them...its very well known that he wasnt just boom bash all the time, or at least I thought....people are laughing at you, you realize
  6. true it doesn't build from quiet to soft like Stairway......but I don't think it's over rated. it's beautiful, gorgeous, but just another song you really have to be in the mood for, thats all. but when you have a good trip on it....no actual drug reference here lol......it's absolutely perfect, it fits the bill
  7. lol no doubt... I like "The storm drives back the foot that's slow"........just a cool way of wording it I guess........I like how he stomps his foot during that part on stage
  8. it's "hellhound headed forth," yea.....its from Hellhound On My Trail by Robert Johnson. you know Percy and his blues references.....the funny thing is that he sang it different in every concert recording available
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