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  1. If you play any songs that has nothing to do with satan backwards, you will hear satanic messages and what not. But if you play black metal backwards, all you hear is "Jesus lives, Jesus lives!"
  2. Hmmm... never heard of this book? Can I find it at readtolkiensbooksbeforemakingstatementsthatyouhaventgotaclueaboutandtellingwrong nameonhisbooks.com?
  3. I know he does actually sing about Mordor and Gollum in one song, but that's just one song. Besides, it could be that he meant it symbolic
  4. Perhaps the word was blowjob after all, and that it was that she came for! Which reminds, those bustles in the hedgerow...
  5. Of course if you dig deep enough everything is possible. Hey, my name is Daniel, why don't you find wether I'm the devil reincarnated or not! Or perhaps I'm the new Messia?
  6. Someone asked Plant I think about this, and he said that none of their songs where LOTR inspired, easy as that.
  7. I think that it's not a specific word at all. I think that "with a word" simply means a random word, or that she only has to to say one word. Well if you want to get deeper into this song, what was it that she was getting there? "With a word she can get what she came for"
  8. Anyone know if it is possible to download this?
  9. Does anyone... Have pics of these outfits?
  10. I'm suprised that no more have voted Kashmir, I definately mean that it's one of Zeppelins best songs!
  11. Kashmir definately has the best riff I have ever heard, but I still think Stairway to Heaven is a better song, you can't get a better song than that Achilles Last Stand is a magnificent song, but uncomparable to Stairway to Heaven and Kashmir
  12. 15 here! Most people at my school listen to black/trash metal, I guess I'm the only one there who has really "seen the light", Led Zeppelin! It's a shame most people in my area don't appriciate the old, good music, most new music is just crap. Are there any new bands that make music the way Zeppelin did? I doubt it.
  13. Since noone answers I take it you DO know everything about mr. Page. What was his favourite color? And animal?
  14. You guys are amazing, I couldn't have found out things like that for the world Is there anything you DON'T know about Page?
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