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  1. Why do you say it wins the prize for the most misleading title. The title says what the article is saying. The original article contained mainly why he hasn't been to Australia and his reasons. What I posted was just mentioned at the end.
  2. In the January 18th Sunday Herald Sun newpaper in Melbourne, Australia, Jeff Beck claims that he influenced Jimmy Page into creating Led Zeppelin. In an interview with Jeff Beck amid his upcoming tour of Australia after 32 years the article says: Beck back at last At one point, Beck almost formed a band with Keith Moon when the infamous sticksman was disillusioned with the Who - but it was not to be. Beck describes it as "the biggest disappointment of the '60's". But there is one memento of the union: the powerhouse Beck's Bolero. The session served as blueprint for the '70's biggest r
  3. Does anyone have a high quality image of the Oakland Stadium July 23-26 1977 poster. I love the futuristic look of it and can't find a large image of it anywhere. Can anyone help? Thankyou.
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