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  1. Just look at the first letters of each word. Get it?
  2. You successfully daze and confuse me again, miss. Now I'm not sure how do you mean this, if I just chose the wrong word for double-meaning or is that a rhetorical question or whatever
  3. Dunno, but now it sounds quite, uh, well, like double entendre
  4. Nice one You might wanna add "verbally"
  5. Again? or it just shows I'm doing my job well?
  6. Haha, you really should Huh, now I noticed I got into your title, I'm flattered I don't get the part with being under me, though
  7. That's why I'm not that quixotic at all.
  8. Well, fighting windmills has its magic, but yeah, not much of a happy life.
  9. Actually, it is never so bad that it can't get worse
  10. Yeah, surprisingly true. When something good happens, I instantly think "This has to fuck up somehow"
  11. Yeah, you can see it in TSRTS movie, as Jimmy's bow gets quite wasted after a while (during the said-to-be magick ritual performance with pointing to four directions) Yesh, it is a bow, it's quite clear, almost the same as in studio DaC. Hm, I wonder how interesting would be bowed bass Roger Waters used it in "Lucifer Sam" on PF's first album but I haven't heard anyone else using it.
  12. You're welcome. And yes, I'm a guy, however, a lot less nice than people tend to think.
  13. Chien Noir


    Missing Persons were pulled as well, I believe
  14. Chien Noir


    That might be why it hasn't been pulled yet. Posts are being added so fast that the whiners and big brother don't even bother to look in, something like: "oh my *insert deity*, four pages new again, I'm not reading that.." Just a thought.
  15. You can get a glimpse of how it would have been, actually. At EC 1975, they did some bits of Gallows Pole at the ending part of Trampled. It fit perfectly if you ask me
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