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  1. it's NOT gonna happen, accept that....please.
  2. is this still going on? how long is Jason gonna milk this? DO YOUR OWN THING!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.
  3. JPJ does it all! good to see him active in so many areas.
  4. i too just found out about hem couple days ago. i like it. they formed in 2012. hope they put more tunes out.
  5. maybe this: http://ultimateclassicrock.com/robert-plant-website-message-prompts-new-round-of-led-zeppelin-reunion-rumors/
  6. ^it's a shame Joe B. won't be involved. i'm not a fan of Glen H. at all.
  7. ya, i think it's about time Jason stopped riding his dad's coat tails and get onto something new. he's milking this to no end. yes, my 2 cents, deal with it.
  8. ya, overlay any 2 nicklecrap songs and they sound the same. not a fan myself.
  9. nothing missed. he promised hope, lots of hope. nothing happened.
  10. the beginning of that taurus crap sounds more like Jim Croce's "time in a bottle"
  11. ^ i lost all hope. i'll deal with it, therapy tomorrow.
  12. at least R.P. is out there doing stuff, making music, not remastering soundtracks and crap.
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