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  1. k, this is too deep to comprehend without reading and knowing 'the book of law' and understanding thelema.
  2. who is this man? i undestand it is crowley what is the building in the background? sure looks like thelema house rob
  3. zoso is NOT a word, it is a symbol. quote: "The symbol is probably derived from a sixteenth century treatise by mathemetician and occultist Girolamo Cardano, where it is used to represent the planet Saturn for purposes of magick. Page is a Capricorn, a sign ruled by Saturn, and Saturn, of course, is the planetary ruler of lead. The symbol also bears a strong resemblance to characters of the "alphabet of the Magi," a seventeenth century text used exclusively for fashioning magical talismans. What it means personally to Page is unknown, as he has never publically revealed its meaning, but his interest in magick and Crowleyanna is well known."
  4. i have plant's symbol on my left shoulder. a sign of the Mu civilization never heard of the members having any though.
  5. someone says he broke it (or fake broke it) on purpose to allow more prep time for the O2 concert?
  6. wanna hear my sob story? ............................. well i was born in 1966 to a poor family, we ate pasta and sardines.......blah blah. hey, i feel for ya, but let's stay happy! i really didn't understand your post. but hey, i hope u get the 'closure' u r seeking rob
  7. this band was TO BE the supergroup of the era. didn't work out that way
  8. k, i have a copy (digital) of 'the book of law". makes reference to gold, silver birds and much more, it's hard to understand, (in the way it is written) but this is from where the song manifested itself. the book always refers to 'she' never 'he'. another 'clue'. scary book, says at the end that he who reads it must destroy it. (ya, whatever, if u believe in that stuff, stay solid and it's just entertainment) yes, i am going too deep, but the two paths are chritianity or masonic religions. very deep stuff. the girl's name is Nuit, the god of thelema. quote: "It should be evident that Nuit obtains the satisfaction of Her Nature when the parts of Her Body fulfill their own Nature. The sacrament of life is not only so from the point of view of the celebrants, but from that of the divinity invoked." k, i'm not going to persue this any further, i have found the word. it relates to the o.t.o. and thelema. we should drop the subject now. feel free to google thelema, nuit, masonic, o.t.o., crowley and so forth. it'll take u to many odd paces. rob
  9. k, i found the word, BUT i need to make sure this is the word, i will research some more. i have to find out what this word means. again, it relates to the masonic religion. she (my zep head friend) sent me a link to a book online, a very old book. at the end of this book it says to destroy it and not repeat it or perils will fall upon that individual. (to each his own, but i haven't repeated the word (verbally) to anyone and i don't think i will. so take it how u will, i will post more when i find more concrete evidence. so far, it all makes sense now, slowly. rob
  10. i understand CODA was released with 'rejects' from in thorough the outdoor. confirm?
  11. Idunn: really? "bird". i have some more info to research, my friend gave me a link to sacred texts, she says the word is in the site she pointed me to. 'bird' means 'lady' in some regions/countries, hmmm. i MAY be looking too depp, but i think this song has a VERY DEEP meaning, not just what is on the surface, but underneath that surface. and i also i understand that robert never wrote a word of the song (maybe becuz his pencil was taken over by a force). i do wish my friend would sign up here and share her knowledge. i'll keep u posted gang. i am almost there. Idunn: where did u get this info from? rob
  12. icarus flew too close to the sun and burned. 'the last flight of icarus'. swang song means 'last song' as in 'last flight' of icarus. swan song is a record label the band launched on may 10, 1974 managed by peter grant.
  13. never say never. i hope so, i'll go for sure, within reason of course.
  14. hey gang, here's a tough one. as the title says, what does the 'lady' say at the top of the stairway to heaven when she gets there? "with a WORD she can get what she came for" - what's the 'word'. now, a little background: -the woman is of the masonic faith, i believe (hence page crowley) -the mason goes through 'degrees' (stairs) to obtain 'master-mason' status. a jacob's ladder of sorts or a 'stairway to heaven'. -with three major steps (stairs) being FAITH HOPE ansd CHARITY, many steps (stairs) between which represent the pleasures of life that are good and evil) -Aleister Crowley suffered hardship for revealing this 'secret word' (aleister was a master mason) -when the masonics found out Aleister reveled secrets, they asked him to join, he took the faith over from there, bringing satan in deeper. -the masons believe that 'do what thou wilt',- be good, enjoy life's comforts (evil or good) and do no harm and you will be allowed thru the gates, BUT the 'secret word' needs to be said when she gets there. -For the Mason and their many secretive allies, their god is not an evil god at all. They have redefined good and evil for their own benefit. To them, it is the Judeo-Christian God who is evil because he would keep men from earthly pleasures in exchange for a distant, heavenly reward. Satan, on the other hand, grants all manner of earthly pleasures to his followers. The Masons, like other secret societies however, pay insufficient attention to the real “reward” that awaits them upon their death. (unless they know the scret word which is in the manual of rites. my friend who has a masters in philosophy, says she knows thew word. she found the word in a library museum archives, in an old mason's manual. i asked her what the word is, she said aleister would have told me, but he suffered eniough for revealing the mason's secrets. and she in convinced that hardship MAY come her way if she tells me. so now i have been on a major hunt, with just more questions. the song is much more evolved than we think. page was into the black magick, fascinated by aleister crowley, lived at boleskin house (NOT thelema). so this song isn't just about a girl who takes drugs, it's MUCH more involved. the word is a 'secret word' of the masonic faith. so go from there. i doubt i'll find the word, unless i find that mason's manual. k, feedback appreciated. thanks rob
  15. i am about 3 hrs east of toronto, a little town called apsley, which is 40 mins northeast of peterborough, (i work in peterborough) and peterborough is about 2 hrs east of toronto. ps.. nobody can guide me into the direction of the 'word'? it's a mason secret word, the 'lady' was a mason, building this stairway by 'degrees' in the masonic faith. anyone?
  16. says Plant is holding an antique musket, prolly doesn't fire anymore. i'm sure he is careful regardless if it works or not when around his daughter.
  17. thanks for the welcome! maybe someone can point me in the right direction to the TRUE meaning of 'stairway to heaven'. "with a 'word' she can get what she came for". i need to know the 'word'. great site!
  18. 41, well 42 in march. my first LP was 'In Through the Outdoor" been a fan since i was 14. love 'em!
  19. hello zep heads! i finally joined a zep forum. i have been a fan since i was 14 yrs old, i am now 41! so that makes, um,,,hmm,,,,,,well long time i guess so i hope to participate in discussions and contribute in any way i can. thanks rob p.s. i couldn't find an introduction section, so mods feel free to move
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