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  1. here's my list of what i have acquired along my path: (vinyl) -45rpm - 'hey hey what can........' 'imigrant song' on flip side -Smoke and Fire - feat. jimmy page, jeff beck, john bonham, noel redding, nicky hopkins. -James Patrick Page Session Man -Led Zeppelin IV Studio Rehersals January 1971 -Led Zeppelin Danish Television March 1969 -File Under Led Zeppelin-(white vinyl newspaper clipping in centre about Bonham's passing -Royal Albert Hall 1971 -Filmore West 1969 -Listen to this Eddie L.A. June 21, 77 -Early Jitters -Robert Plant - Now and Zep - Robert Plant
  2. i can relate to this line on occasion: Ride a white mare in the footsteps of dawn, Tryin' to find a woman whos never, never, never been born
  3. got a few myself, some colored vinyl numbered editions. stairway to heaven - the making, paid $45 for that one back in 84, thanks to osap, (i was going to college at the time, majored in euchre) i also have a few others that sound good and bad, but just to have them is cool. listen to this eddie stands out, jimmy page sessionman, live at earl's court, danish televison, and a some others.
  4. thanks! i find the band VERY interesting. the three MAJOR 'steps' are faith, hope and charity. now if u wanan get further into it, crowley took over the O.T.O. and modified it to HIS liking. that's where it went 'wrong'.
  5. aleister crowley was a master mason (self proclaimed), jimmy was interested in this 'religion' 'faith' call it what u will. i have also heard (from an educated reliable source) that STH was 'lifted' from a mason ritual. 'stairs' 'steps' = degrees in the masonic faith. (as well as SPIRIT's song "Taurus") some of the 'inspirations' are VERY deep. not JUST what we 'see' or 'hear'. 'the song remains the same'
  6. this is interesting: (the card is called 'Ten of Wands') credit given here -> "WolfChild" from this site: http://www.free-tarot-reading.net/forum/in...?showtopic=2248 This card is also about knowing your own limits. These limits vary from person to person. Some people thrive on multiple responsibilities. Others wilt under very few. As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The 10 of Wands can alert us to the potential for problems even as we celebrate our success or at least before we get bogged down so much that we can no longer enjoy that success.
  7. there is a tarot card which pics a man with sticks. what does that tarot card mean? anyone?
  8. 42 i've been a fan since 14. never saw the band, but i saw plant with stevie ray vaughn in toronto.
  9. thelema house was falling apart in the video i saw. the two buildings look so much alike. i am still convinced it is thelema house and the old man is crowley
  10. it IS to represent crowley. the building on the IV album IS thelema house. i saw a video showing thelema house, a white stucco house as on the zeppelin IV album, there was a pile of 'sticks' in the short clipa s well, the same stricks as shown on the old man's back.
  11. who is this man? i undestand it is crowley what is the building in the background? sure looks like thelema house rob
  12. this band was TO BE the supergroup of the era. didn't work out that way
  13. 41, well 42 in march. my first LP was 'In Through the Outdoor" been a fan since i was 14. love 'em!
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