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  1. i don't think Jimmy wanted a Robert Plant 'look-a-like'. he wanted to either do zep with Plant, or a totally different band with someone unknown.
  2. i followed up with a correction in my wording
  3. i too read that Peter Grant would frequent record stores looking for zep bootlegs, and he would destroy these.
  4. maybe encourage is the wrong word, but he came around in later yrs not being so anal about it. bootlegging does wonders for bands, getting there sound out there, for many to buy the actual albums.
  5. our local radio station, the wolf 101.5 fm, has just played Kashmir from the reunion concert and commented on the concert movie.
  6. Jimmy has no problem with bootlegging, he encourages it!
  7. i'm not a fan of kiss either. i like two songs, 'detroit rock city' and 'beth'. the rest is junk.
  8. okay, got it now, didn't know what the gist was.
  9. i got no love for Glenn. he should call it quits for himself, long time ago.
  10. for what purpose? neither is captivating really.
  11. i'd say whole lotta love is always known to be zeppelin. STH obviously as well, but WLL kinda defines the sexiness of the band.
  12. 1. benefit concert 2. movie is playing NOT only the 17th but more dates in some areas chances of zep touring again is nil. just wait for page next year.
  13. ex-zep fan: you are such a penis. send me your collectables.
  14. saw it last nite, the radio dj host said to let him know if it isn't loud enough and he would crank it, which he did. great show, loved it.
  15. i'm set to go see the movie tmrw nite as well, here in ontario, canada. can't wait!
  16. i'm not impressed at all. we want music, not expensive pictures or any pictures for that matter, bullshit.
  17. i sure as hell hope it happens, this would be great stuff!
  18. beat the horse, revive him, beat him again, revive him, TRY to kill him this time.
  19. Menudo was a Puerto Rican boy band that was formed in the 1970s by producer Edgardo Díaz, releasing their first album in 1977. and get sued AGAIN!??
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