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  1. i've given up on Jimmy. sad to say. if he does SOMETHING, then great!, if not, then it's what i expected.
  2. resurecting an old album? why? i want NEW material, not this death wish crap. imo.
  3. i'm trying to stay positive, but when Jimmy starts doing this shit, i just don't get it.
  4. i want new music! not this stuff. sheesh. i'm giving up on Pagey.
  5. i, personally, don't like Hughes' voice. Joe should sing all the tracks. Glenn can get lunch.
  6. . ditto, love this guy. listening to him right now, royal albert hall gig.
  7. dreams are cool, our feet don't touch the ground in dreams. i have been able to control two of my dreams thru my life, now THAT was interesting!
  8. yep, calender was not finished. in my lifetime, 45 yrs, the world was suppose to end several times. we're still here. some people are nuts, just that simple.
  9. registered as LED HED. no adjustment needed on my end, text is easy to read, brightness is good, maybe becuz my monitor is CALIBRATED properly (i'm into photography, therefore my monitor needs to produce color properly).
  10. cntrl 'C' to copy if right click is disabled. hi-lite what you want, then hit cntrl 'c'.
  11. give it time, it's still 'fresh'. hopefully all these 'bugs' will be sorted out and HOPEFULLY some downloads and such will be available to us. i can't see it here at work, have to wait til i get home.
  12. well, the numeral I is still there, so that makes me think that it'll be midnite, or tomorrow sometime. good nite ZZZzzzz..........soon.
  13. i figure midnite here in north america, 4hours to go.
  14. found this: (just for giggles) 1971 Wales Welsh Language Society 27th April 1971 : Eight members of the Welsh Language Society ( The Society wishes to preserve the Welsh Language and part of that was to include all signs in Wales to be bilingual ) they are accused of conspiring to damage, remove or destroy English language road signs in Wales.
  15. here in ontario canada, 7:53pm WED.
  16. just refreshed and now am getting the guitar riffs. i never had them before.
  17. where did 7pm come into play anyways? was someone guessing? those 'links' in the wheel are not links, just the embedding of the numerals. oh well, hurry up and wait!
  18. hmmm, numeral I sand still flowing no guitar riffs (haven't heard ANY guitar anytime) 7:12pm
  19. i heard the song, not impressed. seems to be alot of these new 'supergroups' forming.
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