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  1. after listening to this 2nd album a few times, i kinda wished Joe was on vocals and not Glenn, just my preference. Glenn's vocals just don't do it for me.
  2. why all ther negativity?, let's wait and keep an open mind, it could happen, unless one of YOU KNOW EXACTLY EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS with the boys. i'll beleve it when it happens, if it happens. time will tell.
  3. i'm seeing this as well, played on "is it true". and other sites i read the same info.
  4. i can't see it either. i thought inernet was worldwide, not just usa. nutso rules.
  5. all i can do is sit and wait.
  6. i'm losing hope for anything from Pagey very frustrating.
  7. i like it! tyler does a great job. let's get something going jimmy?!
  8. our local station had a gay man call in and express his thoughts and he summed it up nicely "would you use that word in everyday conversation?" also, what was deemed acceptable back 30 yr ago isn't acceptable in this day and age. although i don't agree with the banning of the song, i do understand these people's points of view. the world is becoming thin skinned!
  9. hi there fellow pollock.

    i too am polish, born in canada, both parents from poland.

    k, just wanted to say hi.

  10. maybe Page is waiting until just BEFORE x-mas to release something. ya, that's it, i hope.
  11. i'm losing faith slowly, we'll have to depend on Plant and Jonesy, and forget Pagey (you listening Jimmy? huh?)
  12. here's hoping these 'other guys' don't butcher the music all to hell. i still don't agree with this whole shmozel. leave it alone, and concentrate on "black country.........whatever" and no, it doesn't mater to me that jason is john's son.
  13. hmm, i am not sure i like this idea. Jason should just leave Led Zeppelin alone and not try to revice it, and probably not as well. I'm getting a little tired of Jason milking this 'experience cover tou' because he is a Bonham? so what? that doesn't make him Led Zeppelin. my 0.02
  14. clicking the link is kinda weird, smeared blood, thelema......weird.
  15. interesting. i hope it isn't juat instrumental, i do enjoy lyrics as well.
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