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  1. it's almost 3/4 the way thru the year, so now we hurry up and wait. yes, i am impatient! i'm sure it will be worth the wait
  2. karma's a bitch eh Pagey? looks like the current economic situation leaves Jake needing some $.
  3. entertaining. not insulting at all, it's humour.
  4. i don't know who said she compares to adam, but i don't think so at all. she can SCREAM, that's about all, she can't hit those notes nicely when she SCREAMS either. i think Krystal compares way more to adam than siobahn, or however u spell her name. but to compare sibhan's SCREAMING to adam's CONTROLLED high notes is way wrong, she's not that good either. my 0.02
  5. the book SHOULD be amazing for the price. absolutely rediculously priced. i won't be buying it unless it comes free in a cereal box. there is no justification for the price. too bad too, many won't be able to read it cuz we can't afford it. gotta eat!
  6. "come get your valium, valium here, come get your....."
  7. i also hear some 'achilles' drums on a vulture track, i forget which one.
  8. the only track i skip is 'interludes'. the rest are awesome! and yes, have to becareful not to overplay, i hate when that happens, maybe this is what the guys are thinking, "let's give 'em another dose"..........cuz we need more. ( with the second cd coming sooner rather than later)
  9. reply to my own post: the more i listen to the tracks, the more i LOVE them! i had to let them grow on me and keep my mind open, and it worked.
  10. hmm, i've listened to the you tube tracks a few times, (recorded the tracks temporarily) and well, i want to love it, but i don't. it's messy, all over the place, no steady tempo. sounds alot like QOTSA, which i was never a fan of. i'm trying to love it, (TCV) and it's coming slowly, but for the most part, it is different, TOO different for my taste. i enjoy a couple three good tracks. but for the most part, i am not blown away. think about this, if JPJ was not in the band, but someone else by chance, i really don't think the hype would be so loud. this 'supergroup' has attracted many many zeppelin fans becuz of JPJ, and i believe is he wasn't involved, the hype would not have been there. i am not thoroughly impressed, just a little amused. my 0.02
  11. i understand Oct. 23 is the release date of the album.
  12. perfect! that's how i'd describe them as well. simple to the point.
  13. post some pages if you could. that would be cool to see these.
  14. ha, nickelcrap. EVERY song sounds the same, catering to tweenies. he's (chad) doing something right though, can't fault him for that. he has more mullah than i.
  15. i've been posting there as well, in the ORIGINAL thread
  16. i quite enjoyed his version of WLL, BUT he is NOT Plant, never will be. i was hoping he'd do something zeppelin at some time, but i didn't think he'd do it on American Idol. good job. Adam and Slash need to rock out together in the future, or Adam and any rocker, i just hope he stays away from the earlier crap he did.
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