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  1. weird thread. vinyl is better. a cozy warm feeling.
  2. time will tell. until then, we hurry up and wait.
  3. thing is, i hear some zep music in the background when this scene was shown.
  4. Roger's voice is too 'nasally' for me. good read, thanks!
  5. i understand Rush were influenced by Zeppelin and others, but they wanted to be 'Zeppelinesque'
  6. i enjoyed Adam's version of Tracks of My Tears, and so did Smokey!
  7. i would prefer it if the word God wasn't capitalized, then i would not have made the comment i made. peace
  8. Bonham is God? i highly doubt that. i don't pray to John at nite. i admit he was a spectacular drummer, but he is NOT God. too much time on your hands.
  9. the winged 'guy' is 'the flight of icarus'. when he flew too close to the sun, he burned.
  10. those two are speculating, nobody knows for sure but jimmy. unless they had a beer with jimmy and jimmy told them himself. we wait now.
  11. Adam reminds me of Axel Rose when he hits those high notes. i bet he'll go far.
  12. corny stuff. but i'm sure he gets the point if he sees this at all.
  13. I have A to Zeppelin and i quite enjoyed it.
  14. Jimmy's worked with Paul Rogers, David Coverversion, Chris Robinson, Puff Daddy (yuck), and others, and YES i enjoyed what was created, so again, there HAS to be someone who can provide the voice for the 3 J's. i wouldn't think the colaboration with a new vacalist would go beyond 5 yrs anyway, so just do it! stop whining and just do it Jimmy. stop pouting about reuniting zep and do SOMETHING, step up to the plate, shred out some chords and let's have a listen, wahtever 'it' is. sheesh! my $0.02
  15. this is what i am thinking as well. let's get something out for the fans. i can't believe that of the singers they worked with NOBODY fit, that's crap. i'm disappointed.
  16. well what/who was your 'source'? many people say many things. don't believe everything u read maybe someday we will know 100% how Jimmy's symbol was derived, but for now, we can make up our own story peace
  17. there is NO meaning, none whatsoever. some say it resembles the alchemy sign for an element that is easily excited. some have different interpretations of jimmy's symbol.
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