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  1. a mystery. really, nobody is truly sure what the symbol means, just made up by JP.
  2. YOU don't get it, Jimmy was NEVER going to REPLACE Robert, he was just looking for someone to sing. it was NEVER to be Zep again without Plant, we ALL know this already.
  3. enjoy your time here. lots of good people here.
  4. yep, i had the cassette of Fastway back in the day. "easy livin'" was one of my fav from the cassette. edit: still have the cassette
  5. i remember this band (Great White) very well, along with Kingdom Come, anyone remember "Kingdom Come"?
  6. "Bubble Gum and Braces" got this 'vinyl' from a cereal box back in the 70's. remember those?
  7. No. confirmation of the non-existent is impossible.
  8. yep, we can't count on Jimmy for anything new, so let's hope Robert entertains us.
  9. u r a fan? and u don't know what it happening? shame!
  10. very pretty. nice teeth! (re: Miss Honeydripper's pic)
  11. bush stole his two terms. he wasn't elected by the people. he deserves a workboot in the face! (still attached to my foot!)
  12. i was listening to the new G N' R cd and i think Axel would be a good frontman with the 3 js. he has a wide range.
  13. rap sux. zeppelin's roots are the blues, robert johnson, howling wolf, etc. these men are also black
  14. rediculous. u can't force anyone to do what they don't want.
  15. wondering where u were. good to hear from u once again, glad things are going well.
  16. thanks for the post. but to Mick "whatever". jimmy's not JUST watching football, where did he get that 'info'.
  17. a 'no-name' singer would be the best bet. someone not famous, and definately not a wannabee-plant-like.
  18. wow, i hope to hell that chad kruger (however u spell his name) is NOT part of ANYTHING with the 3 J's. nickelcrap sux and so does chad, all his music sounds the same, and i forbid the 3 J's to bring him on board for anything, not even as a towel boy. NO CHAD PLEASE, NOT IN ANYWAY SHAPE OR FORM.
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