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  1. "war is the art of deception" and yes, i believe bush knew what was going to happen on that 11th day of sept. he let it happen to pave the way for war (with the help of the mossad). the whole things bothers me greatly.
  2. No, Bush stole the election from Kerry and kerry was too much of a pussy to contest the results. oh, and Bush stole the election from Gore as well.
  3. maybe read a few threads before posting another similar thread as many other threads are very similar in topic.
  4. those people 'cheering' for palin are paid groupies. common thing for these peeps to do. i just don't understand how a country with 300 million people chose the WORSE TWO in the republican party to run for pres and v.p. there's alot about the U.S. i don't get. and i think the people should TAKE their country back! the whole thing makes me sick to my stomach. crooks and liars and the people just sit back and let it happen. get a backbone and STAND-UP! pussies, all of yous. hope i make u mad enuf to voice your voice.
  5. nah, no instrumental, i like stories behind the music i listen to. my opinion. and 'zeppelin' won't tour without plant becuz THERE IS NO ZEPPELIN WITHOUT PLANT! i don't like it when a band replaces someone and continues to tour as they were, they are not as 'they were' anymore without that guy they replaced. (unless it's blood i.e. jason, and even then, it was a fine line to call the o2 Led Zeppelin, maybe it should have been Led Zeppelin II or The New Led Zeppelin.........) i read too many posts, zeppelin's new album, who will zeppelin's new singer be? what will zeppelin's alnum be
  6. i don't want plant anywhere near the 3 j's UNLESS he WANTS to come FREELY. so for now, robert's being robert, so i am never counting on him making anymore music with the 'boys'. i respect robert for his decison. shut happens.
  7. how about ANYTHING that has NO resemblance to zeppelin or john bonham whatsoever. some of these names are just bad. the one name that was mentioned and is sticking in my head is "Phoenix".
  8. you are funny. and i mean that in a nice way. i like your style keep it up, makes me smile.
  9. Analogy: 1. a similarity between like features of two things, on which a comparison may be based: the analogy between the heart and a pump.
  10. i heard the same announcement this morning ont he way to work. where r u located? i am just north of the wolf
  11. oh, i didn't know about this 2 cd compact greatest hits cd. thanks for the info.
  12. i also heard on the radio this morning on the wolf (local station) that plant succumbed to the pressure and has accepted to reuinite and tour. good news!
  13. the two disc collection you mention follows 'crop circles' and completes the entire catalogue. edit: an additional song is included on this 2 cd set called "baby come on home" as well.
  14. "could rival Zeppelin" hehe, we'll see about that one. i'm glad it's not sammy.
  15. that was a thursday, i don't remember much, but i was either on the school bus, at school or at home or sleeping. i was 14 yrs old then.
  16. i agree, i'm impressed by how many younger fans we have. good stuff!
  17. nobody said they couldn't 'rock our asses off'
  18. i wouldn't say it's HER fault, it's not anybody's fault. it's what robert chooses to do, no big deal, the rest will move on. but who knows what will happen, we hurry up and wait now.
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