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  1. In Virginia U.S.A......hour and a half south of DC so a good tour stop if the hopeful tour happens
  2. Welcome Bomber, It's good to see the younger upcomers recognize good music. Enjoy your stay
  3. Happy Birthday my guitar God Mr. Page!!
  4. I-Pod...lightweight Led Zeppelin you can take anywhere and tons of it
  5. Having the night off of work and playing with my little girl
  6. hi there, Welcome and enjoy!
  7. Well she's a Daddy's girl and she'll be growing up hearing it so maybe I can mend her into what real musicians sound like would be nice. Not like todays music all electronically tweaked up
  8. It's been so long for me it makes me wanna print it out and try it
  9. Welcome to the site. I'm only a day or so old myself and everyone's great here, but the I never met a Zep fan i didn't like
  10. Just 1 with a small alteration of the swan song holding a banner with initials
  11. I dont know much about what stars are where and whats rising there but i do know im a
  12. wow....looks like i better learn how to not screw up my postings, so yes i'm new to the forum world and trying to figure out all you can do with it. I've only been fortunate enough to see 2 of the "Page & Plant" concerts but needless to say it was Mezmerizing. I kinda felt cheated because when it was all over I remembered it like one might remember a dream, guess i was just dazed by the whole experience but Awesome it was. Have been a big fan for about 24 years, obviously have the CD's and boxsets, just crossing fingers theres more to come. So thank you's for the warm welcome as I hope
  13. Just wanted to say hi to all my fellow Zeppelonians. Very nice to see cool people gathering in one place.
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