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  1. That whole weekend leading up to the show was so much fun. Starting when I stepped off the plane and the immigration agent asked how long I was staying. When I replied I was going home on Dec. 11 he asked in a dry tone if I was there for the Led Zeppelin concert. The gatherings the night before the concert, even the long wait to pick up ticket and wristband and then wait again in the merchandise line just built up the buzz and anticipation. Finally, standing in the crowd on the arena floor witnessing such a wonderful show. Truly, a spectacular adventure. Still hard to believe it was ten years ago.
  2. If I recall, the Plant character's line was something like "What do I know, I'm just the singer" but I thought it sounded sarcastic, as if his real meaning was: I'm not stupid so don't waste my time with bullshit. To me, he didn't seem clueless at all. Anyway, I know there isn't much point in me dissecting a small bit of a dead show but I just had a different perspective on that particular scene.
  3. I was on the fence for awhile because I thought it was kind of expensive for a conversation without a musical performance but I finally bought a ticket. It comes with a copy of the book too.
  4. We aren't able to go on Oct. 17th because we have concert tickets, but AMC is offering a screening on the 18th. I've got tickets now ($18 apiece), and I've pre-ordered the Deluxe edition. I can't wait to re-live that night a little!
  5. Thanks for posting that link! That was such an incredible experience and I'll treasure it forever.
  6. It looks like it's going to play where I live, but we already have concert tickets for Oct. 17. If they add a midnight show I could do both, otherwise I'll just wait for the DVD. I've waited five years already, another month won't hurt. Either way, I'm looking forward to re-living that night.
  7. Several years ago we were at a conference in Cincinnati and took a few days after to wander around in Ohio. Number one on the list for me was a pilgrimage to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. We really enjoyed it and I recommend it. We liked the Air Force Museum in Dayton too.
  8. Just hearing that teaser of GTBT gives me chills again. Truly. I wouldn't trade that night, that whole weekend, for anything.
  9. The Beach Boys last night at the Hollywood Bowl.
  10. likecats

    John Carter

    I think the trailers for the remake of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo began showing sometime last summer, but the movie opens on 12/21/2011, which is right around the corner.
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