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  1. That whole weekend leading up to the show was so much fun. Starting when I stepped off the plane and the immigration agent asked how long I was staying. When I replied I was going home on Dec. 11 he asked in a dry tone if I was there for the Led Zeppelin concert. The gatherings the night before the concert, even the long wait to pick up ticket and wristband and then wait again in the merchandise line just built up the buzz and anticipation. Finally, standing in the crowd on the arena floor witnessing such a wonderful show.

    Truly, a spectacular adventure. Still hard to believe it was ten years ago.

  2. On 8/1/2017 at 6:27 AM, 76229 said:

    I'm sure the presence of Jagger on the Executive Producer's list is a coincidence, in a show that had an entire episode making Zep look gormless. "don't talk to me I'm just the singer" is an insult to Plant, implying he had no interest in the band's direction. Terrible show

    If I recall, the Plant character's line was something like "What do I know, I'm just the singer" but I thought it sounded sarcastic, as if his real meaning was: I'm not stupid so don't waste my time with bullshit.

    To me, he didn't seem clueless at all.

    Anyway, I know there isn't much point in me dissecting a small bit of a dead show but I just had a different perspective on that particular scene.


  3. It looks like it's going to play where I live, but we already have concert tickets for Oct. 17. If they add a midnight show I could do both, otherwise I'll just wait for the DVD. I've waited five years already, another month won't hurt. Either way, I'm looking forward to re-living that night.

  4. An American girl from the south played the part of the princess in the tower. I was working in London as a model and was booked for the job by my agency, Models One. I don't really know why I was cast, but I suspect it was my hair - I did a lot of cosmetics and hair product ads back in the day. I wasn't an actress. Doing editorial pages for English Vogue, Queen and Honey meant more to me in terms of my career.

    At the time the shoot was not a big deal to me - just another day of work. Who knew the age of the internet would extend the movie's shelf life from a couple of years to eternity? My on screen time only lasts a few minutes. It took longer for the hair people to get my straight hair curled with tongs than it did to do the take. I was told to 'look at the camera and don't smile.' Mostly I stood around and tried not to wrinkle the costume.

    Post-modeling career, I was a journalist for 20 plus years and have been a fine art painter since 2001. Every now and again someone does a Google search, and emails me from my website, asking if I did the movie.

    My kids get a kick out of it. Two of them work in the film business and often the director of photography is familiar with it.

    The Song really does Remain the Same in the age of Google and Youtube. Glad you have fond memories of the film.



    Thank you for posting! Very cool!

  5. Not sure what you mean by "led zepp songs never yeild in pop culture". Please elaborate.

    As for the remake of "Immigrant Song" that was recorded for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, that may have been news back in June when that movie first came out so I don't see how it is "right around the corner".

    I think the trailers for the remake of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo began showing sometime last summer, but the movie opens on 12/21/2011, which is right around the corner.

  6. I saw Led Zepagain awhile back and they were excellent. I think they recreate the complete setlists from particular shows. The night I saw them they played one of the 6/77 LA Forum sets.

    Dazed and Confused is a tribute band in San Diego. I just saw them recently and they were also very good, definitely worth seeing.

  7. Excellent, thanks for the report! I'm sure the keyboard player was Derek Sherinian, as has been reported as the 4th member of the band. Look forward to seeing them play soon.

    His last name sounded like "Sherinian" so that must be right.

  8. Thanks for the info about them performing last night. :)

    Is "Mistreated" the Deep Purple song (or a new one from them with the same title)?

    R B)

    It sounded like the Deep Purple song. I don't have the setlist with me and I can't remember what the title of the first song was. I'll look at it again later.

  9. I saw their public debut last night. Joe Bonamassa played at the Riverside Municipal Auditorium, and when he came back for the encore, he said the rumors are true that he's joined a new band, and then Jason Bonham, Glenn Hughes, and a keyboard player whose name I didn't catch came on stage. They played two songs and I can't remember the name of the first one but the second one was Mistreated. They were good and I would like to hear them play a full length set.

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