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  1. that's too bad my copy has not come yet so i haven't heard it
  2. http://mule.shop.musictoday.com/Dept.aspx?cp=268_5439 Not sure if anyone has seen this before. This was new to me, so I purchased this just now. I love Gov't Mule and really enjoyed their set with JPJ last year at Bonnaroo. On 10.31.07 the Mule covered the entire HOTH album for their 2nd set. Reviews seemed good - has anyone heard this yet?
  3. exactly. i heard an interview once with Ted Nugent where he was asked what he felt was the greatest guitar moment of all time and he said SRV's Little Wing. while awesome, i have an issue with that being considered greater than the original for some reason. anyway - not to belabor this point, from the first time i heard Tea for One I felt it was terrific and was surprised that it was not more popular. when i saw that someone has covered it - i felt that this was an album worth looking into
  4. wow - thanks for that info - i didn't know - and just assumed it was Joe singing one downside of downloading from itunes
  5. I agree with this 100% - JBs version is excellent and since the 1st time i heard it it has been on my favorites list. That being said, it could never top the original -- who could play zep better than zep? IMO, tea for one is the highlight of both Presence and JBs album You and Me. It's just a great song. It seems to me that JB played a bit over the top as compared to Page playing it a bit more understated by comparison, but both work for me personally. Vocally, though - JB cannot touch Plant. Also - it seems more like a tribute than a ripoff.
  6. my coffee is all over the monitor after reading this
  7. I think Zep has always been commercially viable and popular in a certain demographic. One good thing is that maybe the overexposure will help cancel out the excess crap that is today's music. I'd be happy to see some kids getting into LZ, just as I did around 10 yrs old.
  8. D'yer Maker 80 slots ahead of Dazed and Confused? hmm
  9. Has anyone fooled around with amp modeling software? I've been using Guitar Rig 3 as well as Amplitube Jimi Hendrix on a Mac with Garageband (recording software) and my Strat (with EMGs) and have been able to lay down some very zepp-ish tracks. If you haven't tried this approach, it really is a lot of fun and the unlimited number of sounds you can create is addicting. I've been working on some songs from PG such as Custard Pie, Rover and even some of the Dazed/WLL jams from the 70s. Really a lot of fun with a pretty small learning curve. http://www.native-instruments.com/index.ph...6
  10. More random thoughts. That's the Way -- the best part of 'Almost Famous' to me was when they ran the gate after leaving the concert early, which cuts to the sun coming up with That's the Way playing in the background. I just love that song! Rain Song -- coolest sounding acoustic guitar part to me - just a beautiful song. I had always wanted to learn that tune as a kid, but was spooked by the alternate tuning and never bothered, figuring it was too hard. Fast forward 15 years, and I looked up the tab and learned it in like 10 minutes Some things are better left to the imagination!
  11. If you haven't seen the DVD - Origin of the Species, you should check it out. It's a pretty detailed study of the forming of the band, their early influences, and discusses the material on the 1st 2 albums. There is a pretty good amount of time spent on the subject of 'borrowing', crediting, and where some of the early Zep material originated from. It was very interesting - I've watched this DVD numerous times, so pick it up if you get the chance. The consensus on the DVD was really that Zep rubbed a lot of people the wrong way by crediting themselves instead of crediting others on some of
  12. Wow - I have to say this was well done! Hard to argue with anything you said, or the songs on your list. From my perspective - I agree with everything including the inclusion of Since I've Been Loving You and That's the Way. For me, The Rain Song and The Rover would be hard to beat as well.
  13. The Spirit / Taurus thing is funny to me. Sure the opening chords are the same - an arpeggiated, descending Am chord. That progression / sequence is used in so many other songs it's laughable. Gilmour uses the same sequence in Shine On You Crazy Diamond - and there are many other songs that use this as well. Taurus is not even a good song - it starts out nice, but goes nowhere. Of course this could have been an influence for Stairway - especially since Page was aware of this tune, but Stairway is much more developed and dressed up, and it resolves much better imo.
  14. you'll find Walter's Walk teases in many of the 72 era Dazed Jams - I have at least 3 or 4 boots with this passage. I think the 1st time I noticed it was in HTWWW and after that it became apparent in other places. I guess I just wasn't listening for it!
  15. I agree - that's what makes polls like this difficult to take seriously. Page is my favorite. Whether he is technically the best is to me, irrelevant. Same with Hendrix - he was not the most technically proficient guitarist either - but he was innovative and produced music that was creative and inspiring. There are a lot of players who were technically brilliant that will not leave behind a legacy of great music. As a musician, I can understand this, but there are plenty of folks who like what they like and don't know or care if Lukather or Satriani or Vai are better players than Page,
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