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    Hot pics of Jimmy

    It looks like Bonham's wearing an apron in this one. Just thought that was funny. Nevermind
  2. Two of my faves have already been mentioned: Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas and Catcher In The Rye. I also loved The Mists of Avalon, though I read that many years ago. I still have it, so maybe it's time to read it again. Let's see....I love Christopher Hitchen's God Is Not Great, but that's the only one of his I've read. I've read a bunch of his articles, though, and really really like his writing. I can't believe how many of the classics I still haven't read. You guys put me to shame. Barbara Kingsolver's The Bean Trees was a really good read, too. That's about all I can think of at the moment, but I'm now inspired to read more than The Onion on a regular basis!
  3. It's very icy and the roads are bad. I hate winter. I love everything else about Minnesota, though.
  4. I have a stupid question: What version of FM did that "Oh well" song- can't sing, ain't pretty and my legs are thin. Because that is some cool guitar. Has it already been mentioned here? I read the thread and couldn't tell if it had.
  5. Breaking the Girl is my favorite song of theirs. They were one of those bands that you were glad happened at the time. Like Zeppelin, it wasn't just the musicianship, it was the vibe that made the Chili Peppers so cool.
  6. Love them. I didn't really notice them much in the 80's, but a few years ago my daughter got into them. She asked for a Cure cd for xmas and I listened to it before I gave it to her- I think it was the hits album, and it was so good that I wondered how I missed them before. I guess when I was a teenager I didn't like mopey English bands much and thought they looked like corpses. I was closed-minded about it and it's a shame because I missed a lot of good stuff. My favorite Cure song is the one that starts with "Tell me how you do that thing." It is just beautiful and I love the guitar sound. I also love the one that I think is called "Close to me," and "Friday I'm in love," and some others. I saw them on tv a few years ago and what cracks me up about them is Robert Smith's sad and lonely eyes looking all over the place. Interesting character.
  7. Suz


    I am gonna vote either Tuesday morning or afternoon. I've never been this excited. And Rock Action, good for you. We all should vote our conscience.
  8. Hats off to you for sharing this. I know people who have been through this, and even being close to it has been the most traumatizing thing in my life....even though it didn't happen to me! So I cannot imagine the strength it takes to speak out. I think people like you are a godsend to others because then they know they are not alone. Also, what was done to you is illegal and will probably be done to others if the person is not reported. People don't stop doing that when they know they can get away with it. I am very suprised at your mother's mentality; it sounds very old school and she needs to be educated on the subject. That attitude contributes to such things not being dealt with- it is a co-conspirator, in reality.
  9. That is horrible. It is not like that at all where I live. People talk about it openly. Glad you're back, and getting the help you need
  10. Suz

    Make me laugh!

    That actually made me laugh
  11. Percy Grainger's Children's March, "Over The Hills And Far Away." Weird, huh? From 1919.
  12. No matter how much I try to get away, I can't. Dysfunctional loyalist, here. #1 fave 24 years and counting. Dorks. Why can't you suck? I hate myself for lovin you! I take the cd's out of my car and put other ones in for awhile. Then I have withdrawl and grab the Zepp cd's again, like I'm sneaking out for a cig. When I open the glove compartment they fall all over the place and I frantically try to catch the one I NEED to hear right then and there, or I will self combust. It is a sad, sorry state of affairs.
  13. Communication Breakdown/How Many More Times Ramble On/ Bring It On Home Celebration Day/ That's the Way Black Dog/ When the Levee Breaks The Song Remains the Same/ The Ocean Custard Pie/ Houses of the Holy Nobody's Fault But Mine/ Candy Store Rock Fool in the Rain/ Southbound Suarez Poor Tom/ We're Gonna Groove Subject to change without notice!
  14. Suz

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    Dammit, I forgot! I read that about 20 years ago and for some reason the thing I remember is him taking forever to curl his hair I am gonna have to find that book again.
  15. Gotta agree with this. Very, very hard to choose, though.
  16. There might be a good one out there for you. Between mine and my daughter's and the cat's hair, this place gets a second carpet if I don't vacuum enough. Ick. My old vacuum was shitty and wouldn't pick it all up. It would make these big ol' wads o' hair on the floor- EEK! Nasty. I am happy to have a decent vacuum, now.
  17. Suz

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    This is one of my absolute faves
  18. It's a bagless one called Shark. It's so light, and converts into a handvac. The only thing is you have to frequently dump out the filter. I have a little apartment, so it's ideal. Maybe now that I got up most of the cat hair my old vac didn't get, I won't have to dump the filter as much. You're supposed to wash the filter, too, and let it dry for 24 hours. Haven't done that yet- just got it today. Boy did it work great, though. 22 bucks at Kmart. I saw my building caretaker using one, so that's why I was interested in it.
  19. Finding a cheap, lightweight vacuum cleaner that works really well It picked up about a pound of cat hair......from one cat!! Now if I can just get my daughter to make a space in her room big enough to vacuum..... It's the little things, ya know
  20. He looks all Jesus-y in this one. Aaaaaaaaammmmmmeeeeennnnnnnnn.......
  21. I'm reading nothing but CRAP!!! I can't find anything funny, or riveting, or even remotely interesting. I need a funny book with sex in it. Any suggestions? (And don't say the Spats thread or I'll friggin' scream). Shit, I'll take just funny. Anything!
  22. I got my bangs trimmed. Afterwards I said, "Hey, I can see!" I don't ask for much.
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