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  1. im trying to find a really old one, where robert has short short hair.. kind of like kramers.. anyone have it?
  2. is the full vid not going to be put up? btw i wonder where i get a shirt like robert's... hahah
  3. So... me and a few friends tried to put this together in a day - a week before we played it at school... I realize I can't sing, and have no stage presence.. but what'dya think? http://nz.youtube.com/user/NovemberSierra1
  4. This has been up here before i believe... when i read it the first time.. i was all excited.. kind of a letdown
  5. AP Theory.. i think it's like theory I.. I'm not sure though. I'm going to send in the preliminary application.. and if I pass that first round, I will be sent an invitation to Finland.. so I'll post back! I think I'm going to get a job now.. hahah just in case.
  6. Sibelius doesn't charge for tuition.. but money would defiantly be a problem (travel, housing, and living expenses). I'm in AP Theory right now, and I'm doing pretty well.
  7. Sibelius Academy? http://www.siba.fi/en/ I'm considering applying.. but I don't know if I'm good enough. I play viola in my school's symphony, and our group is well traveled for only being 4.5 years old (Carnagie, ASTA this march, some conference in chicago.. hah). the problem is.. im not really a solo player.. and im unsure if applying to sibelius is worth the $2000 plane ticket. Do ya'll know if you have t be like.. prodigy good for this school? please ignore my "ya'll" hahah thanks!
  8. when we (my band) would play it together, we would just have an understood slight pause after i was finished singing, and all come back in together.. you can just sort of feel it.
  9. http://nz.youtube.com/watch?v=dXE6t8HP3bs thats the 71 show.. what song was it? if you remember off the top of your head
  10. Did Robert ever use profanity on stage? I listened through some of my live music from various artists, and noticed that Zep tends to be more gentle on the ears..
  11. LZ II is defiantly an album which works best for me in summer and early fall
  12. http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/news/genera...dge_singer.html
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