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  1. Clinical depression (also called major depressive disorder or unipolar depression) is a psychiatric disorder, characterized by a pervasive low mood, loss of interest in usual activities and diminished ability to experience pleasure. That sounds like me Is it depression?
  2. Its not just that im bored, its that i find everything boring, does that make sense?
  3. I asked one of my "best freinds" if he wanted to come over last weekend, but he said he MIGHT be doing"something", and I asked what. He says"uh idk", I knew he didnt want to come over because he didnt even ask his parents. Same thing with another "best freind" i asked him to come over, he said ok. I told him to call me back on when he wants to come, I got no call.
  4. I have a semi decent guitar, been playin for 1.5 yrs now, but everytime i think of that guitar i get depreseed because its ALOT of money and I feel that it is way too good for me and I know I dont need that much of a guitar if I am still a beginner/intermediate.
  5. Yes, I have invited them over, I used to think that we were really good freinds, there were 3 of us, but they always invite eachother over and im forgotten , video games become boring also. I might try to start excercising, i hear that helps, but it takes some hard pursuasion to get me to run.
  6. Sometimes I just gotta let it out. For me, right now, life is boring. Everything that i do, nomatter if i love it or not, is just boring to me. I go to school for 7 hours a day, i come home at 3:30, and am just bored. Even with things I like, it seems that life is just no fun anymore. I come home and i stare at pictures of an amp I like or a new guitar, but is that really gonna change anything. I dont wanna talk to anyone, I just want to be left alone. The only time I seem happy is when im around some of my freinds and thats only some of the time at school. I have lots of freinds, and am pre
  7. I would go with the JTM-45. What I would do is get a used one on ebay and put some new trannys in it, new tubes, and a PTP turret board. This will turn the RI to exactly vintage spec with some help of Metro amplification (George is loads of help). It will be the most versitile because at lower volumes youve got a Fender clean, but when you crank it, you get tons of sweet singing overdrive, great for classic rock, slap it with pedals and you can get a great metal tone. I reccommend a UA, this sucka is LOUD, but not too loud. Its alot less than a 50 watt. I wouldnt recommend any clones though, I
  8. I LOVE that band, they are soo good, ive got their album. They are one of the only modern bands i like, thats just because they sound like their from the 70's. GO T&L!!!
  9. What about push pull pots modded in an amp?
  10. BTW, i dont really know how the PPIMV works, so could some1 explain plz.
  11. Check out WB pickups, they make a wide variety of handmade pickups and they just came out with a new one with called the BB customs, in which they say they would "make you beleive you were flying a Zeppelin". Also, at their website http://www.wbpickups.com/, they make custom made pickups where you tell them exactly the sound you want, for about $270 a set, they are great pickups. They are the custom tuned pickups. Good Luck
  12. I like Black Stone Cherry, Thieves and Liars (GREAT classic sounding blues influenced band, reminds me of Zep), the Black Crowes. Thats about it for new stuff, classic blues/southern rock is really my niche, but if there is any new blues/southern bands out there, tell me bout them . Oh yeah, Joe Bonamassa, hes pretty good
  13. Okay, so the title says it all, which one is better, i have a 30 watt jtm45, but i cant turn it all the way up to get overdrive without it killing me, so, which one would work better? The PPIMV master volume is alot cheaper, but the ultimate attenuator seems like it may be a better choice. So please, share your comments.
  14. Many of these people were in other supergroups, JImmy Page was in the Firm with Paul Rogers, Paul Rogers is now with queen. Duane Allman has doth various other things like Derek and the Dominoes for while b4 he died, so, im just saying, it would be awsome to see all these greats play together.
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