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  1. Jimmy Page's passenger card 1972. The immigration stamp on the second page is included in his photo book. http://www.naa.gov.au/visit-us/exhibitions/memory-of-a-nation/jimmy-pages-passenger-card.aspx
  2. That's Tin Pan Valley from Mighty ReArranger. Here a couple of videos I took at the Auckland concert. Introduction http://youtu.be/Mwnt64It4z4 Ramble On (draconian security included) http://youtu.be/-7SsnlFfZAc
  3. Hi Cookie0024, Here are some West Coast Blues and Roots photos. I love the black and white one. I have it as my desktop.
  4. You can hear his comments here, Reggie. http://youtu.be/LxjX7f9x8ag
  5. Thanks for posting the videos DeborahJ. I was to the right of the stage, back about five deep and had a really good view for most of the show. I think I can see my hands and camera in a couple of the videos you posted!!
  6. I wouldn't have missed it, slave to zep! Have a great time on Thursday.
  7. Hi Whoopie Cat, They won't be in order, but here's what I remember. Heartbreaker Going to California Tin Pan Valley Spoonful Another Tribe Black Dog Whole Lotta Love The Enchanter Fixin' to Die Friends Bron-Y-Aur Stomp Rock and Roll And Juldeh Camara sang a song in his own language. There is a small segment on Robert further along in this article. http://www.perthnow.com.au/news/western-australia/west-coast-blues-roots-marks-10-years-in-style/story-e6frg13u-1226604475953
  8. Robert Plant was absolutely AMAZING at Blues and Roots last night. He still has a voice that no one comes near. It was a fantastic night. I was in raptures. To those seeing him in the next few of weeks- you are in for a great night!!
  9. West Coast Blues and Roots tonight. Robert is on from 7.30pm to 9pm.
  10. Some very early footage of Phil Lynott's first band, The Black Eagles.
  11. I'm so disappointed I won't get to see this now, stz. It's a long way to come to only do the Sydney show which still has tickets for sale.
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