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  1. Some very early footage of Phil Lynott's first band, The Black Eagles.
  2. I'm so disappointed I won't get to see this now, stz. It's a long way to come to only do the Sydney show which still has tickets for sale.
  3. Just received an email from Ticketmaster informing of the cancellation of the Perth show and how to get a refund. No mention of the show being relocated to Metro City. All three shows are still listed on the JBLZE website.
  4. Email just received from Challenge Stadium. Unfortunately the Jason Bonham concert has been relocated from Challenge Stadium to Metro City, as well as a date change now the 24th November. We are currently working on the announcement of the relocation, so please keep updated on our website for further event information. If I can assist any further please contact me, Thanks Regards
  5. From the Ticketmaster website re the Perth show - Sorry, but this event no longer exists in our database and There are no matching events in Western Australia.. I called Ticketmaster and was told the Perth show may be relocated to another venue. They are waiting for the promoter to get back to them.
  6. Got tickets for the Perth show on 15/9 a couple of weeks ago. I'm looking forward to it.
  7. Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience coming to Australia. Nothing official yet though. http://www.fasterlou...an-tour-sort-of
  8. Adelaide DJ's song about the shooting of bin Laden. http://www.fiveaa.co...in-laden_101712
  9. It's fantastic, Virginia. I have been to see it twice in the past week. I think an Oscar is definitely coming Colin Firth's way. Geoffrey Rush is also brilliant.
  10. Hi Reggie, Happy New Year. Some classic Norman Gunston.
  11. Thanks for this, Sam. I'm seeing this show on the 3rd of December.
  12. Bring On The Night - The Police
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