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  1. I think Zep is an influence to most bands in a sense that they are one of the first bands that people listen to, and then they start listening to all of the Zep music out there, then they explore similar artists/other famous artists of the time, and eventually they either end up with us listening to new stuff with the old stuff, or they lean toward one of the extremes. I think southern rock is totally dead, but you can still see it in bands like Shinedown, Saliva, Drowning Pool, even bands like 12 stones and the like. Its not blatant like the influence that Black Sabbath had to a lot of Metal
  2. Oh brother. Made my first post in over a year today. I remember signing up for the old forum when evster2012 was still around. Those were the best posts haha. Signed up on May 15, 2006. Ahh the memories haha. -Zep
  3. You know what bro, since everyone on here is gonna be a dick to you for apparently having some sort of repost/something they dub not important that you want to talk about, I (a passing member, age 20, who originally signed up almost 5 years ago to the day) will have a simple conversation about the band I used to love. One not involving huge egos that need to one up eachother with tiny pieces of information to prove who is the biggest fan, or "connoisseur" attitude problems. Just normal every day human interaction. I used to love led zeppelin. I wouldnt listen to anything else, and if I did,
  4. Wow, its been a while. I was going through my favories and remembered this forum. Its been a while. Brings back good memories. I went to check my email, and I still have the original confirmation email from the old forum saved in a folder. Signed up on May 16, 2006. So much has changed since then. I was stopping by, and had a strange urge to post. Thanks guys. -Zep
  5. Recently I thought about what it would be like if I only had 24 hours to live. I thought about all the things that I would do. I was wondering if anyone out there had any good ideas. This is going to take place sometime this weekend. If your idea is good I will probably include it. If it is a waste of time then fuck off, cause I cant fly to the caribbean with a model in the near future. Here is a shortened list of the things I am going to do: The List: wake up at 8 go for a run say the rosary tell the girl i liked in highschool that i liked her. schedule tatoo??? (i know i cant actuall
  6. Thanks for the posts. I took some advice from them and had an emt I know look at it. He said a few more layers of skin and I would be at muscle. They did bleed a bit, but he said that I shoudn't have to go to the hospital unless it gets infected and to keep it covered unless other circumstances come up which I should not cover them. (Ex. excessive sweating or the bandages become wet and other things of that nature.) He gave me burn cream and bandages. Just one more question, Does anyone here have any guesses as to how long this will take to heal? Thanks for your concern and input. By the wa
  7. I realize this is not a medical forum, but I have to ask for advice, and while I don't have time to sign up and wait for an answer from some other forum or doctor or something, I figure I could at least ask the people here as it will be the quickest reply I can get until the morning. I recently got severe rope burn (Yesterday). (It's really bad.) It is on my hands and goes past the skin all the way to the layers under the skin. Does anyone know how to treat this? If so your advice would be appreciated, if not, fuck off. I don't need sarcasm at this point, and am in pain when I move my hands in
  8. A while back VH1 classic showed a vid of Zep, which was like a full length film, and they were playing folk music with what I think to be Indians, or possibly arabs (not the american derrogatory sense of the word, I myself am part lebaneese, so I dont want any shit for this). Mr. Page I believe was playing Ovation Guitars. Just wandering. Also, there seems to be a dispute amongst me and my friends. Some of them believe the marshall tucker band wrote cant you see, but I think it was the Allman Brothers Band, I know they both did versions, but I would like to know if anyone can tell me who wr
  9. I dont know if anyone has said this or not and I am too lazy to find out. Without music, lyrics are poetry, and I have never been an avid reader of poetry. I do play guitar, and I still like to hear the music, even without lyrics when I play it. For me though it just wouldnt be the same if one of the two were missing though.
  10. Personally I dont think the whole thing will last very long without Plant, but I would really like to see Page and Jones, since I was born after Zep's glory days, and could not get to the O2. I have rather mixed feelings on the matter.
  11. I dont care if it is a fucking repost or not. I dont mind hearing it over and over again, and I dont know if you have realized this knebby but there are quite a few posts now, and I know this is a recent matter, so it should have been easy to find, it is not always easy to find what you are looking for, and there is bound to be a few reposts, so all of you haters dont get your panties in a bundle over it. Remember you interpret emotion yourself so if you take this the wrong way it is your fault.
  12. Thanks. The small exerpts say that it is made by the guy who used to make them's kids, And that they still use the same parts, as well as press to stamp the steel for the box. Other than that I cant find anything. I hope its the real deal.
  13. I have been looking for a Sola Sound Tonebender for quite some time now. I have always thought that good things never die, because they are always reissued and reproduced, etc. I was surfing some music websites and found that Sola Sound changed its name to ColorSound a while back. After a quick search I found some Tonebenders on sale. Here is the link. http://www.musictoyz.com/guitar/pedals/colorsound.php As I am a complete noob when it comes to posting links I will leave that up to you to copy and paste it into the url. Theres not a lot of info on these and I cant find a website for
  14. Sup Ev. I havn't been on for a long time and just wanted to drop in and say hey. Once you slowed down posting and then all but disappeared nobody seemed to have the same kind of insight into the lesser known Zep stuff and the forum kind of lost its appeal for me. Its good to see that you are well. Happy new year, and good luck in 2009.
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