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    Cooking, baking, Food Network. Led Zeppelin, Jimmy! Oh Jimmy! Meeting new people. Plays, novies, dancing, going places, doing things. Swapping stories about these guys. Jimmy's kissable, pout-pout lips, his thick hair, and his nice smile. He should do that more often. My kids and granddaughter.
  1. You were in that earthquake, too? What a small world!
  2. Hi California girl,i am dodge from the uk,just thought i would say hello if you dont mind.I have been a zep fan for over 35 years,ever since the first time i heard rock and roll in 1971.Do send a reply ,i would love to hear about those great days in california with the peace and love movement.See ya.

  3. I'll be sure to pass it on. Unlike Jimmy, she only has my suppoert. She can be stubborn at time, and she tells me, I have to give her a "quick swift kick in the pants" to get her to practice. She does get discouraged, but I'm always there to encourage her. I had a brother and sister who were in a garage band, also. When I tell her about this, her ears perk up. The police never showed up, though. And they were loud. I wish my daughter could find someone to jam with. She and I envy Jimmy and Jeff because they were inseperable when they found each other. She can't jam with her dad, alt
  4. My mom liked Gene Krupa. That's how I know him. Always telling us what a great drummer he was. Was he really that good?
  5. Time machine? Move over! When they were in L.A. in the mid-to-late '70's, I wasn't interested, even though the radio station was giving tickets away! Imagine that! Now, you have to get in a lottery to even be considered for one of their tickets. At least Jimmy and I were in the same earthquake in '71. He was in hollywood at the time, and I was in LA., which is just the next town over. He didn't like it too much. Yay, I have one thing in common with him!
  6. Thanks for the add. And the response. She knows everything you just mentioned here. Forgive me if it sounds like I'm bragging, but she has a gift. All she has to do is watch Jimmy a few times, whether it be on the band's D.V.D's, or youtube, and she could figure it out. She can play by ear, and since her dad is also a self-taught musician, he showed her how to tune her guitar. She can play "over the hills and far away". The beginning part, that is, as well as a few other songs. She can also fo the neck-tapping Jimmy style. Which means, she can hold it over her head like he did. She d
  7. Your post really hit me. I have a 17-year-old daughter who is greatly insluenced by these guys, too. She works hard to play like Jimmy. But who can? We have kept up with everything that's going on with Jimmy, and the other band memebers. But mostly Jimmy. He's a great producer and musician, and that's how he wants to be reembered, according to an interview he gave to "Guitar World" magazine. She, too wants to start up a band, produce, and write the music. I know it's not easy, but Jimmy did give us some advice, via interviews we read, about how to go about it. He is a great influence
  8. He may have been at his lowest point, but he still rocked. That's what I like about him. He never gave up. He's a survivor. He survived Glandualr Fever, he survived Robert's losses, bad press, and he survived his addiction. He's a fighter. That's what I like about him. He's a fighter!
  9. Are you kidding me? Just today, I was listening to the radio, and the D.J. said that Neil Young wrote a song about this. It was a protest song. It's called "Ohio". The D.J. played the sng after he described what happened on that day. You're right! Not cool!
  10. I believe you. I'd have to give the credit to my ex-husband for influencing my 17-year-old daughter. He would play their music ever since she could hear. Now, she sings their songs, and plays their music. She's learning to play guitar. One guess as to who she's copying. And she's pretty good at it, too.
  11. Look at it this way. This won't last forever. Maybe you need to focus on your work and get a new set of friends. It sounds like you have a job, at least. A place to live. Money to spend. Maybe a car. Most people don't even have that. Some don't have a car, job, or a place to live. Some don't even have friends. Other than here. But life still goes on. Look at all that you do have and don't focus on everything that goes wrong. It's like a cancer. If you focus on it, it'll eat you up! At least you have us.
  12. I heard that song! That's a good one! Who said life was fair? Where is it written? Friends come and go. What matters is that you were open to listen to other people's experiences. I hope it made you see that what you were going trough wasn't all that bad. Believe it or not, there are others who do care. When wh're going through those valleys, we think we're the only ones with problems. I think that's what helped you.
  13. He didn't use the Black Beauty guitar so much, because it got "nicked at an airport", as Jimmy put it. He said that was the only time he took it out. I hear the Les Paul company made a replacement for him before he released these other ones. That would be before Feb. 15th. That's when they were re-released here in California, anyways.
  14. Not really a rip-off. That's the going price here in this part of California.
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