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  1. Ditto! I have a 17-year-old daughter who plays lots of Led Zeppelin. In fact, that's the only music she played ever since she picked up the guitar. She's been listening to them ever since she could hear. That's a long time. And, it didn't take her ages to figure out their songs. All she has to do is listen to them, watch the concert D.V.D.'s a couple of times, and then she could figure them out. She really tries hard, and it's like hearing Jimmy play when she plays the ones she does know. She can't play them all. But then again, who can play like Jimmy?
  2. Lucky you! I wish I could have seen Jimmy in person! I have a few things to tell him. Wish I could, though. And, no, it's not any of that I"m-lusting-for-you fan stuff. And not anything bad, either. I'd just like to talk to him as a person, that's all. Not a celebrity, but as a person.
  3. Well, think about it. Can you blame Jimmy for being "steamed"? After all Jimmy and the band did for Robert, after all the tours they canceled for Robert- one when Robert's son died, and one because of Robert's car accident. And for Robert to have the nerve to tell the rest of the band they'll have to wait until he's done with his tour with Alison Krauss.I'd call that a "power cord in the face". And didn't I hear Robert say that JB was there to comfort him after his son died? I say, where's the loyalty? All I see is selfishness on Robert's part. The rest of the band sacraficed a lot for him, and now that they need him, where is he? I admire jimmy for his patience!
  4. Why, thank-you! That was soooo sweet!
  5. Are you serious? Robert? 6 feet? Can't tell by their pictures. They look the same height.
  6. I'll be sure to tell her that.
  7. That's good enough for me. I'm 5'7" and I like my guy taller than me.
  8. i have a daughter who says. let's say, he's a bit too "ready for anything"
  9. My sentiments exactly! I don't care how famous they are. You just don't cheat one your wife if you're married! I'm sorry but that's a sore spot with me. That' the very reason I divorced him. Because he cheated on me. It really, really hurts.
  10. That's because men are weaker than women when it comes to that. Much weaker!
  11. Thanks. I didn't know he was that tall!
  12. Does anyone out there know how tall Jimmy is? Or the other band memebers, for that matter? Just curious.
  13. My daughter really loved this one! I like it too. Great work!
  14. The picture is really tiny, but I'll see what I can do. Thank-you!
  15. I have that one. His fingers are in the way. Thanks for the help. So, what do you think about our mutual friends on the "other side of the water"? I think they're great. They like to argue a little bit, though.
  16. I don't know what "concrete" means. I was thinking of the one he posed with in the "hot photos of JImmy" thread. The one he posed with. It's hard to get the detail because his long fingers were in the way, and the lighting of the picture wasn't very good. Whatever you come up with will be greatly appreciated. Thanks! That would be a big help.
  17. Does anyone have a picture of Jimmy's "black Beauty" guitar? I want to make a cake for my daughter's birthday, and I need some pictures of it. Just the guitar, if possible.
  18. Yes. I think my daughter would like it, too. She's the one who pointed it out to me. Also, do you have any of his "Black Beauty" guitar? Just the guitar, though. I'm trying to make a cake to look like it, but I need a picture of it. thanks.
  19. Can you do me a great big favor? Can you send me a drawing of Jimmy's "Black Beauty" guitar? I'm making a cake for my daughter's birthday, but I need a drawing to work off of. Your artwork is so good, I figured I'd ask you for help. Thanks in advance.
  20. I have a daughter who's a "Zep head" like me, and she plays guitar. I wanted to use your last picture to decorate her birthday cake. She asked me not to. Said she wouldn't eat it. So, I'll have to make it look like Jimmy's "Black beauty".
  21. My daughter and I made up a skit for that first one. It was rather amusing.
  22. Do you mean the "painted on" ones?
  23. This is very educational. What do you say when you're frustrated with a situation or a person who "butts in" to your business?
  24. Thanks, lilith, for setting me straight. I hate to "butcher" someone else's language. So, do you think us "yanks" speak 'slang" english. since we have a melting pot of cultures over here, we added a little bit of everything to the language over the years.
  25. And let's not forget. This is the same Ian Anderson who recently had to apologize for making "Anti-american" remarks. I don't see Robert or any of the other "Led Zeppelin" band memebers having any problems with us "Yanks". So I can see a little bit of "Stupidity" on Ian's part.
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